Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

For those of you with a PSP and an account for each region.

Do you have a PSP? Do you want or have an account for each region to play region exclusive games? Do you hate the fact that you have to manually delete the account and login with the other and then activate it? Do you have a PS3? The your problems are over!

You may have noticed how quick and easy it is to switch accounts on the PS3 and you probably copy the PSP games from the PS3 to the PSP instead of directly downloading them, you may have noticed that if you try to install a game onto a PSP that has another account activated (but both accounts are registered to that PSP), the PS3 will activate and do the process for you...

This is incredibly useful, but what about when you want to switch back? Copying and deleting PSP games takes too long, even PSOne games are too big...

But what about the PSP Minis? Those are no more than 50 megs, some are less than 10!

I decided to test my theory! The US PSN had Fortix, a game which is basically Qix with a bit of strategy, for 99 cents, so I bought it I installed in a few seconds and it changed the account for me, I tested a few US PSN account games to be sure and they worked! So... I deleted a European PSN games, swtiched to my Euro account on my PS3 and installed it again, and since it was a mini it only took a few seconds, I tried it just to be sure and sure enough it DID! I switched a few more times to be sure...

So.. there you have it, if you have a PS3 and a PSP you can now switch accounts so much easier than before!

PS: The only Japanese PSP Mini game I know of is Young Thor... A Space Shooter for Two Bucks, Fortix and Flying Hamster are good and cheap Minis if want suggestions! :3
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