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From Twitter 03-06-2011

  • 11:06:26: I have to fold paper for two hours tomorrow and Cult of UHF is over, is there any podcast with B movies out there? I can't find any...
  • 11:29:37: @poisonrational How is Frankie doing?
  • 15:33:18: Why did Gemini Rue have to make retro adventure game references? It's a serious game, breaking the 4th wall is a no-no! D:<
  • 15:38:26: @toblix It's right at the part where you get a girl to crawl under some rubble to get to some boxes, the labels are a dead giveaway.
  • 15:40:21: @toblix Really? You didn't miss much, PQ1 had police gear, MI2 had pirate gear, and LSL5 had... well, you don't want to know.
  • 15:44:19: *foams at mouth* They make the leather jacket joke TOO? ARGH! *bangs head on desk*
  • 16:16:00: And now a Cowboy Bebop reference?... It's worse actually... A CAMEO! http://yfrog.com/h4so8p http://yfrog.com/gzg4sap
  • 16:42:04: @Emilleigh As adorable as he might be, he doesn't fit this "Blade Runner-esque" world... :|
  • 18:43:57: I finally beat Gemini Rue, I'm glad the silly cameos and references ended after that chapter, the ending was pretty awesome! :3
  • 18:57:27: @WadjetEyeGames Yes, those and Azrael has the option to make the ol' leather jacket joke when entering the bad guys' HQ.
  • 18:58:24: @WadjetEyeGames And then there is the Cowboy Bebop cameo, it was a bit annoying to have them all together, they should be more spread out.
  • 19:00:13: @WadjetEyeGames The game is excellent nonetheless, I just beat and the ending roller coaster blew me away!
  • 19:45:30: @WadjetEyeGames Neither could my friends who played the game before me, although the Cowboy Bebop is the only one that's hard to find.
  • 19:56:04: I'm going to be selling some of my junk soon, see this post if you want them before the go on Ebay!
  • 20:12:26: @Yamino Why would people watch a show ironically? Is that like watching B movies for fun? I like it for real! :3
  • 20:17:50: @Yamino Oh GOD! I can't wait for this crossover! I bet Sister Claire will squee as hard as I will when she sees Fluttershy! X3
  • 20:48:13: @Kathleen_LRR You can now play the PSP Persona games! Persona 1 & 3 is out and Persona 2 is on it's way! 8D
  • 21:00:40: The Gentlemen Jellyfish are up for today's Surprise Sunday! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3617
  • 23:01:47: @Kathleen_LRR OOh! I I got a US PSN account just in time! Have you tried Lunar Silver Story?

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