Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Junk.. I mean awesome stuff for sale!

 I have a metric ton of "junk" I'm going to put up on Ebay in about a week, but I thought I would offer them here before putting them up for sale.

And since they are so many, I thought that I should describe what I have for sale and if enough people give a damn, I'll update this post, if not I'll just PM the interested people.

My DVDs are all Region 2 and either the UK edition or the Spansih one, both of them have English as a language and they are all practically all horror movies, the most noteable stuff is the Friday the 13th series, the C.E. of Phantasm and Hellraiser is special boxes, Ringu and Battle Royale.

Game wise there are mostly stinkers like Gift or Zorro, strategy games like QAD and Patrician II, retro remakes like Dig Dug Deeper and Atari Revival, and well... I have an extra copy of Pyschonauts, but I assume most of us own at least one copy too? Anyway, every game is at least 6 years and either obscure, bad or a kid game.

I do have some modern games for sale: COD 4, Prototype, Eledees, Drakensang and Dante's Inferno among others.

I also have some Terry Pratchett books that I no longer need since I have then as audiobooks.

That's about it, the rest I have is mostly in Spanish only. If enough people want a list of one of the categories I'll update this, I just thought this sounded than a better idea than pestering you with a full listing...

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