Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-02-2011

  • 00:07:37: @rstevens You bought some arcade cabinets? BADASS! 8O
  • 00:08:26: @KomiIsDrawing The middle one! :3
  • 00:26:07: @starlinex Really? I guess people don't know how to use it, because I've seen quite a few Tumblr posts that could do with a "cut".
  • 00:32:41: It seems I have a new pun war at my DA site every day! XD
  • 00:44:00: @jlist Nice 9 balls? XD
  • 07:04:52: @RamuneIgasu Is that really a problem? Most people listen to music on their computer or portable music player, not on the CD?
  • 07:47:47: US Playstation Plus users are getting Spyro Year of the Dragon so I assume Europe will get something crappy instead or worse, a discount!
  • 07:48:23: We didn't get a free PSOne game last month, we got a discount on Crash Bandicoot! D:<
  • 10:42:48: Charlie Sheen is winning and has tiger blood... Are you sure he isn't just playing an MMO? XP
  • 15:44:34: What's with this new generation of obvious spambots that don't spam but are obviously bots?
  • 18:08:42: @OkenTV They are also getting smarter and always follow someone on your follow list to seem less random.
  • 21:54:27: @yugiohtas Who do?
  • 21:54:53: @yugiohtas Do what?
  • 21:58:49: I wish I could understand Japanese this Killer Bass game seems crazy and fun! http://bit.ly/g3WnOP
  • 23:56:01: Do not start a pun war with me, I WILL PUN-CH YOU SILLY! D:<

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