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Game journal Jan 30: Darkseed

Frankly I didn't expect I'd have time to play an adventure and much less beat one!

Darkseed main feature is that it uses H.R. Giger's artwork, the man who designed "Alien", so if you live his work, you might like this game...

You are Michael, you just moved into your new house, and you wake up the first day from a terrible nightmare with a terrible headache, as you investigate the house and nearby town, you wonder if everything is what it seems...

The very next day, you recieve by mail a shard of a mirror that broke while moving in, upon fixing, you discover it's a portal to another world and then the real adventure begins!

The first thing I disliked about this game is that it's timed, you have to be at certain places at certain times to advance, and if you stay up late you will fall asleep which could be dangerous....

But frankly, intead of feeling frustrated because I have little time, I feel frustrated because there is TOO MUCH!

You can't end the day early even if you've done all you can, so you must wait until it's late enough to go to bed, and most of the timed events are just too far away! I was almost tempted to read a little to pass the time!

There are no red herring, and all puzzles are inventory driven, but you can screw up badly and be forced to restart if you don't have a save...

Even though the plot was very solid and the game was very short, I enjoyed it, but only because the alien world Giger created...

Three days or chapter are just too little to enjoy a game...
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