Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 00:05:28: @tecmokoeieurope I have to use Play.com or TheHut.com I can't get Dynasty Warriors games in my country... :(
  • 00:12:54: I don't really like horror movies anymore... Unless they are terribly cheesy? I guess I was in a grimmer mood back then... *shrugs*
  • 00:17:55: If I sell Cannibal Holocaust on eBay, I'll have to censor the overly gory cover, right?
  • 00:32:54: Get ready to snuggle up with the latest Pun Dungeon! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3594
  • 00:46:55: OH GOD! I still can't stomach the glass scene in May.... D8
  • 00:54:12: I don't whether I like the movie May or not, it's the only move I've watched of the batch on which I can't decide this.
  • 08:04:29: @Lizzlizz What? I thought you weren't allowed to make any construction work after certain hours!
  • 12:52:44: @theDivaLea Isn't the iPhone virtual keyboard cumbersome for that much writing?
  • 21:40:49: This is so messed up! WOW! RT @toblix: What the FUCK Ubisoft. http://youtu.be/Bxd96qRa6wY
  • 22:50:10: Is it better to do something and find out it's already be done or to spend the rest of your time finding out if it's been done?
  • 23:13:02: I wouldn't be surprised if Hudson Japan made a Valis Collection for PSP, they have the rights and less known game collections have come out!
  • 23:30:16: @tigresaa I don't know if the fact that it's a Wii game makes it more awesome or worse.. probably both? XD
  • 23:45:13: @RamuneIgasu Far East Of Eden is very hard to play even with a walkthough, but I assume your Japanese is better than mine?
  • 23:46:08: @RamuneIgasu Yuna and Far East of Eden are much more obscure than Valis and they are all on the JPN PSN marketplace AFAIK?
  • 23:50:49: @ManaDrake http://hardcoregaming101.net/ is one of my favorites! :3

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