Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-22-2011

  • 00:26:42: Lisa Foiles in now on Kotaku... did she leave the Escapist? Or is she actually on both? :|
  • 00:54:12: Woohoo! The 300th Pun Dungeon! <3 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3589
  • 06:55:52: So... I listened to The Great Gatsby audiobook yesterday, while it was a great novel, I expected... the unexpected?
  • 07:29:59: This bidding war on Penny & Aggie has reminded me that I used to read it... I don't remember why I stopped though...
  • 11:22:39: There is an actual anime that's just a teenage girl sleeping for almost an hour showing off her.. assets while sleeping! Japan scares me! D:
  • 11:31:56: OH GOD!! OH GOD! I wish she did sleep during the whole thing! She's like a virtual girlfriend! SOOOO CREEPY! DX
  • 12:01:39: @Phelous Damn, I just remembered Michigan: Report From Hell only came out in Europe and Japan, which is weird since it takes place in USA!
  • 13:08:45: Before you claim that "THE MEDIA WANTS THIS SILENCED!" you should actually find out if it's true... There is more than one news channel!
  • 13:34:01: Wow! @scottsigler read my question about Ancestor burgers on the podcast! Awesome!
  • 13:51:33: Oh God! Ghost Pirates of VooJu Island even have Monkey Island-like music!
  • 15:04:15: Is there a word stronger than pandering? Because that's what they are doing in Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island...
  • 15:05:43: Since when do adventure games need fanservice? Seeing jiggly breasts in this game is actually disturbing in this genre!
  • 17:02:13: @DawnOfMinstrel It's not a Japanese game, so at least the jiggle is... gravitationally possible?
  • 17:03:46: Lucky me, I would a longplay of the game just when the real game crashed! HUZZAH! XD
  • 17:27:39: @surlyqueen Maybe it's a hipster intellectual thing? *shrugs*
  • 18:33:13: I'm going to eat some Japanese crisps... Will the internet police arrest for not eating them on film? It seems to be the law today! XD
  • 18:34:05: The crisps are called UFO.. I hope they are out of this world!
  • 18:36:06: What the..?! Is it normal for a bag of Japanese chips to be almost half empty? D:
  • 18:46:13: OH GOD! These things are delicious! Too bad they are.. not cheap... XP
  • 18:53:41: Wow! It's scary how close to spicy ramen these spicy ramen crisps taste like! 8O
  • 18:54:10: @jinwicked Is it still on? Do you have a link?
  • 21:27:17: @DawnOfMinstrel More like "flan" to "Dead Or Alive"! XD
  • 21:54:32: @MagnoliaPearl As a European fan, I can't help but to cringe each time I hear "con exclusive".. :(
  • 22:24:42: I love this developer's intro, they don't seem to do anything interesting with logo intros anymore http://bit.ly/hFp1aZ
  • 22:30:11: I'm watching some of my older DVD to see if they are worth keeping, they must be epic or so bad they are epic! :3
  • 22:55:11: Damn, I can't find any logos that even come close to the epicness of Illusions one.. That's rather depressing...
  • 23:38:28: @happymrlocust Are you using a texture pack?
  • 23:48:12: What is up with all the spam bots asking to "witness" some video and be the "jury"? What on Earth did I trigger?

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