Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-19-2011

  • 00:02:15: @toblix Is the signal quality the same?
  • 00:07:10: @toblix Your internet speed? Did you lose signal quality with the "upgrade"? Or do use cables?
  • 00:17:26: I'd hate to say it, but this trolling is starting to get to me...
  • 00:57:01: YES, my site issues are over! And you now have Pun Dungeon in the palm of your hand! http://bit.ly/gw9DTL
  • 01:42:18: Hmm, how do you kill a meme?
  • 01:48:55: @Emilleigh My parents don't use the internet that much and the "I" am the meme, unfortunately...
  • 01:50:16: @SamanthaKyle I would, except it's the forum I go to that's turned me into the DERP meme... :(
  • 01:51:55: I'm off to bed, I'll eventually figure out how to get the forum to stop using me as a DERP meme.. somehow?
  • 01:52:25: How come turning me into a meme isn't considered trolling?
  • 06:55:34: @SamanthaKyle Now that are giving a meme status to all of my manuerisms, it is getting old fast...
  • 07:03:21: @Emilleigh They probably see my ellipses abuse as a sign of derpiness, I'll try to cut it down to see if it helps. :|
  • 10:10:14: @thecinemasnob I can understand adding a bit of extra coloring in colas, but are they "naturally" clear?
  • 15:58:59: My Little Panty & Stocking? XD http://bit.ly/i0NFb5
  • 17:42:39: Wow, I didn't expect to get into Lost Horizon so much... It's a strange adventure game though!
  • 19:34:51: And of course, since Lost Horizon is an adventure game.... IT HAS TO MAKE A LUCASARTS REFERENCE! IT'S THE LAW! ¬_¬
  • 22:14:16: @MykalWane It's more annoying that sad.. It's unnecessary! Does every fantasy game make a gollum joke?
  • 22:21:38: @jlist Does it go well with Sembei snacks? XD
  • 22:49:26: The 200th Kitchen Kaos strip.. isn't that much different from normal ones? http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3569

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