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From Twitter 02-18-2011

  • 00:03:20: @Diamandahagan I bought a teapot that looked like a bookcase!
  • 00:05:41: @JewWario Do you need to do anything special with your PC to play the Japanese Touhou games?
  • 00:07:29: @hpkomic I think it's confirmed by now?
  • 00:12:51: RT @PlayFirst: Free version of Cooking Dash for the iPhone is sneaking up the iTunes charts! Spread the word and make Flo # 1 http://bit ...
  • 00:32:03: Today's Pun Dungeon is pretty energetic! http://bit.ly/gLYR1O
  • 00:32:35: @SamanthaKyle I guess you tweeted a word that triggered them?
  • 07:02:39: Apparently wanting to eat chocolate on Easter is very immature... What? Isn't Easter the official chocolate day? :|
  • 07:59:13: @AWDtwit Everybody might be getting a Tumblr, but all I see them post is cat pictures and Panty & Stocking fanart...
  • 10:06:41: What the... Neptunia is no longer listed on my local store! Will I have to import it after all? :(
  • 10:18:10: That's so awesome! RT @notch: omg http://youtu.be/P3Ci09GwAmg what
  • 11:55:31: RT @tecmokoeieurope: Follow & retweet to win a copy of Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires PS3 game. Winner announced 4PM GMT today. #tkecompo ht ...
  • 11:55:44: RT @tecmokoeieurope: Follow & retweet to win a copy of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 PS3 game. Winner announced 4PM GMT today. #tkecompo ht ...
  • 13:20:08: They charge you for customs when you buy Asian goods? Does it happen when it weighs a certain amount? I've only bought small things...
  • 13:36:07: My site problems are over! My own IP was blocked because... my public IP was used for spam? At least it's over now...
  • 13:54:52: @nek0 Are you sure it's not on the weight?
  • 15:34:51: @DawnOfMinstrel I think I'll just play it safe and make a small order first... and thanks for the #FF!
  • 15:40:12: I think I've figured out who the "troll" is in Idle Thumbs, but how do I deal with him? Should I deal with him?
  • 17:00:33: "The Ball" gets boring quick... It seems original but at the same time I feel like I've played this game to death... :|
  • 18:24:32: @RamuneIgasu Huh? I thought Europe wasn't getting it?
  • 18:36:48: @RamuneIgasu Wait, what? Since when do we NOT get the short end of the stick when it comes to obscure Japanese games? 8O
  • 18:37:10: @RamuneIgasu I'd buy it, but I heard Agarest War is very tedious? XP
  • 18:43:50: @RamuneIgasu I don't care about Square-Enix that much anymore... I wish Atlus stop treating us like we didn't exist... T_T
  • 18:44:13: @RamuneIgasu You mean the bath scenes and bananas? ;P
  • 18:46:42: Sheesh, the "troll" is making it's intent more and more obvious.... I'm now 95% percent of who it is now!
  • 18:47:32: @RamuneIgasu Do console games even get "naughtiness"? I thought you could only get that on PC?
  • 19:00:23: @RamuneIgasu A part of me is curious, but I'm also scared to find out more! XD
  • 19:03:55: @RamuneIgasu Like maids with eye patches they don't really need? XD
  • 19:09:26: @RamuneIgasu Hmm, I don't think I've ever seen a hermaphrodite in a game before, crossdressers are a dime a dozen, but herms are new to me!
  • 19:19:27: @RamuneIgasu Wait, are we still talking about the console ones? I can believe anything of the PC ones, but the consoles ones?
  • 19:24:17: @RamuneIgasu Thought so, I knew console games couldn't be THAT risque! Although The Saboteur does have nudity with the DLC...
  • 19:27:05: @RamuneIgasu Neptunia is no longer available for pre-order in my country... Although I think they took it down because they priced it wrong?
  • 19:34:59: @RamuneIgasu It was practically half price, I knew it was too good to be true... It doesn't matter, I'll be busy with Persona 3 for a while!
  • 19:40:12: @elmuertecom Have you contacted Ninja Theory too? If not, it's worth a shot at this point?
  • 19:42:24: @RamuneIgasu My copy of Ikki Tousen is still in backorder... I'll probably have to cancel and get it on eBay?
  • 19:43:29: @RamuneIgasu Yeah, whenever a game could arrive just in time for when you have free time... it doesn't...
  • 19:46:24: @RamuneIgasu I did... since the other game I ordered arrived a week later I kinda forgot about the other one... XP
  • 19:48:16: @RamuneIgasu Specially since I wanted to play it before getting the sequel! XD
  • 19:56:10: @RamuneIgasu That reminds me, do you have any Touhou games? Do you need to do anything to your PC to play them?
  • 20:05:52: @elmuertecom Either they ignore or they actually try to help you. You can just edit the email you sent to NamcoBandai and send that to them?
  • 20:27:12: Forget what I said... it's looks like EVERYBODY is using anonymous tags to pink on me at Idle Thumbs
  • 20:35:38: I'm actually thinking of contacting a moderater... this is getting silly...
  • 21:24:48: I don't know how to handle the troll situation without it getting ugly.... :|
  • 21:45:59: A friend on DA needs a web designer! http://bit.ly/eQB6bQ
  • 22:27:01: I can finally access my site! YAY! And fixed some things so it should happen again?
  • 22:35:34: @Kirbopher Seriously? ... Heavy!
  • 22:59:10: @grumpygamer I can't believe there is going to be a King's Quest game without moon logic and dying every five minutes!
  • 23:19:58: @thejillthompson Your last tweet had a ton of words that normally trigger spambots... :(

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