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From Twitter 02-17-2011

  • 00:06:21: @MykalWane OMG! YOU GOT MENTIONED BY TIM SCHAFER! 8D
  • 00:10:20: @mudron Ouch! That sounds VERY painful! XP
  • 00:10:50: Pun Dungeon is chocolate flavored today! http://bit.ly/he2vPD
  • 07:16:16: @Emilleigh You are asleep, you're just dreaming this tweet!
  • 07:38:57: @Emilleigh It also explains the octopus with a top hat!
  • 14:36:46: Sometimes a game has a deeper meaning, sometimes you just convince yourself it does... :|
  • 15:04:58: What kind of hardware is this? A hard drive? I have no idea how I got it... :| http://yfrog.com/hszujhaj
  • 16:19:04: @thegreenavenger You've got me hooked on My Little Pony... POOOONIIEEEES! <3
  • 17:56:45: Is it me or are the social links more strict in P3 than Persona 4? The game says I can't even talk to other girls if I get to lvl 5 with one
  • 19:28:30: After waiting for a week for my ISP to solve my site problem I call them and they say it's not their problem WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL ME BEFORE?
  • 19:31:59: The worst part is that everybody can access the site EXCEPT me! Thank God my sister left a message on my main site! ):
  • 20:28:10: @Phelous Have you heard of the "Michigan" survival horror game? You play that from the POV of the cameraman, this review reminds me of it!
  • 20:31:57: Apparently the reason I couldn't identify the hard drive was because it's missing a piece... Why did I do that? That doesn't sound like me!
  • 21:11:56: @thegreenavenger I actually remember the one with the apples... WHHHY!?!!?
  • 21:30:18: @thegreenavenger I'm still baffled that I remember that... and that it was a scratch n' sniff that smells of apples! Maybe my sister had it?
  • 22:10:58: Anybody from the UK interested in a candy trade? I needs me some Cadbury eggs for Easter! DM if interested! <3
  • 22:23:43: @MykalWane I don't think they would make it time for Easter... :(
  • 22:42:05: RT @mixnmojo: We can confirm two of the new Telltale titles: Walking Dead and Fables (from DC comics, not to be confused with Fable): ht ...
  • 22:44:58: We're getting Fables video games from Telltale! SQUEEE! <3
  • 22:47:46: @MykalWane I think chocolate stays "good" for about 6-8 months? I guess it depends on the brand?
  • 23:11:22: So let me get this straight, gamers are tired of shooting zombies, but NOT of shooting generic soldiers in gas masks? ¨-_-U
  • 23:33:03: @nickchester Walking Dead? I want to see what they do with Fable! 8D
  • 23:35:50: Am I the only one who is more excited about Telltale making a Fables game than over the Walking Dead ones?
  • 23:44:19: @jlist Are only the chocolate snacks seasonal? I have so much to try out, I think I'm probably going to have to make two orders anyway? XD
  • 23:49:30: @Diamandahagan They have a Holmes now? The last time I went to that museum they only had a Watson! 8O
  • 23:54:34: @Diamandahagan You mean the girls dressed up in the souvenir store? I think I saw a policeman outside last time too?

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