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From Twitter 02-16-2011

  • 00:15:24: @whirringblender *dies of cute overload* <3
  • 00:32:23: @kyubikitsy The video says it's chocolate, but it's still awesome! <3
  • 00:42:41: Just because you think "the others" are against you doesn't mean it's OK to make fun of "the others"....
  • 00:43:14: Because when you do you're just as bad as you claim "the others" are....
  • 00:45:22: I "hate" following "troubled" artists, it's soul crushing to find out they are cutters and then see them disappear for months...
  • 01:15:57: @kyubikitsy I think I can get these at the same sites that sell Pocky and Japanese Kit Kats! 8D
  • 07:07:06: @AngryJoeShow And not liking the genre or being terrible at it isn't a good excuse?
  • 07:47:12: RT @thejillthompson: If you like this, please RT;-) thanks xoxo! http://plixi.com/p/77750523
  • 07:57:18: @rosalarian Are you OK? Did you called the firemen?
  • 10:18:21: @elmuertecom Don't they have PSN cards?
  • 10:33:16: @djmayhem Sleep "derp"-ivation makes everything funny!
  • 10:48:04: I'm probably the only person here who for real doesn't know anything about Arcade Fire, but then again, I can't even name The Beatles! XP
  • 10:55:56: @rosalarian As long as you have your towel handy you'll be OK!
  • 11:11:32: @jlist Well, the 3DS is getting a Dead or Alive game... It's pretty much the same thing, right? XD
  • 11:25:42: @jlist Aren't all consoles games mostly puritan? Nudity in any non-PC games is pretty rare!
  • 12:47:24: @DawnOfMinstrel I Like my anime like I my puns, either epically awesome or terribly cheesy! I might give it a watch! XD
  • 15:17:47: @Benzaie_tgwtg They should also ban Hammerin' Harry just to be safe!
  • 15:20:50: Europe better be gettin' Acceleration of Suguri this week, then again, I just opened a US PSN account, so it won't be that bad if they don't
  • 15:55:59: @SaraJLeen Woohoo! My Gundemonium Collection was getting lonely! <3
  • 16:52:24: Ha ha, I knew I'd date the nerdy and shy glasses girl in Persona 3 Portable! XD
  • 18:39:02: I just got "Battle Panties" in Persona 3, wanna guess what happens when you wear them? Oh, Japan.... XP
  • 18:58:56: RT @PlayFirst: Cooking Dash for the iPhone is #FREE! http://bit.ly/CookingDash
  • 21:30:54: I now know how to take over the world, I'll create a virus that deletes all fonts EXCEPT Comic Sans and threaten to unleash it! XD
  • 21:36:10: @MykalWane But it will make the elitists and hipsters squirm in pain! XD
  • 21:37:45: @zaphky Solo con los "hipsters" y elitistas! XD
  • 22:04:19: Man, I think I'm coming down with a cold... I have a bad "COLD" taste on my tongue and my nose feels funny... :(
  • 22:42:15: @Yamino Have you seen this Demon Sister figure before? http://bit.ly/hB6wIn

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