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From Twitter 02-15-2011

  • 00:43:39: Today's Pun Dungeon has CRAAAAZY DEALS! http://bit.ly/hBkv3d
  • 06:50:47: @Rinrygamegame Happy Birthday!
  • 06:56:46: @solamarle But didn't he say at some time that he's not interested or doesn't want to distribute the games out of Japan? *scratches head*
  • 10:31:32: @bfellis That cabbie looks awfully familiar! ;)
  • 15:05:10: @Zet13 People also say Demon's Souls and Super Meat Boy are easy too..
  • 15:28:48: @Zet13 Real men aren't afraid to admit how awesome ponies are! Pink ponies are the new monster truck rally!
  • 15:37:26: @reneengstrom I'm sorry, but I live in Spain and I can guarantee everybody I know pirates but never buys the real deal, they just don't care
  • 15:38:54: @reneengstrom I know people claim to be "X"'s biggest fan but have never spent a single dime on them... :(
  • 15:43:30: @reneengstrom I'm poor and I don't pirate unless it's overpriced and it doesn't have a cheap alternative... But yeah, this is a poor area.
  • 15:48:27: @reneengstrom Although I'm still pretty sure the younger pirates just don't care and just think "OH! FREE STUFF! GIMME!"...
  • 15:59:21: @reneengstrom It's depressing to see that every time I google something the first page is full of links to torrents because of these kids.
  • 16:24:53: Double Fine is making a Kinect game... I guess I have to buy one now... DAMMIT! XP
  • 17:28:44: @solamarle I really wish he did, with so many games that are expensive having them on Steam and not having to pay for shipping would help
  • 18:38:15: @solamarle That cheap? Where are you buying them? I've only seen them for 30$
  • 18:45:32: Hmm, what's an effective way of getting rid of old hard drives? Will disassembling and breaking them be enough?
  • 18:48:17: @toblix You mean like Mordor? That's kinda far... :|
  • 19:07:31: @solamarle So many games... I don't even know where to start! XD
  • 20:26:47: HUR HUR, the online gamer girl has the "Hermit" Arcana, very clever Persona! XP
  • 21:42:26: @dcorsetto Gee, I wonder who he is? ;)
  • 21:48:57: Wanna come to my Velvet Room and "social link"? ;3 #PERSONA
  • 22:30:23: @AmyLukima I guess Bobby Kotick now has an excuse to charge us 100$ per game now? XP
  • 23:09:56: @DawnOfMinstrel What on Earth are you watching? XD

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