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I'm back in business!

Early this morning I put up all the new components in my PC, I even managed to plug the frontal USB port! I couldn't do it with the older motherboard...

I spent the whole day installing drivers and devices, it went very smoothly, I even tried to surf the web with my PPC and managed to visit Wapsi Square, but I couldn't even read the strip... :P

I WAS supposed to go help a friend of mine with his PC, but he left for the big city without a warning...

He's always doing stuff like this to me, I should have know better...

At least I had time to install nearly all the other devices, and I gave my new graphic card a test by playing Half-Life 2: Lost Cost with High Definition Rendering, and now only did it run like butter, but I was in AWE! For once saying it was awesome WOULD be appropiate!

I also spent a long time reading the strips I missed while my PC was down, I could surf with the other, but I didn't have the bookmarks!

I think I'll sleep like a baby tonight! :D

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