Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-14-2011

  • 00:48:22: How insane would it be to buy a PSN Network card on Ebay? :|
  • 00:55:55: I guess every store charges you 10$ extra for "digital" PSN cards for some reason... :|
  • 08:04:01: @RamuneIgasu Did they end up censoring it after all? A censored Gal Gun makes no sense! XP
  • 10:29:58: @dcorsetto I squeed so hard glass shattered! YAYIFICATIONS! X3
  • 10:35:52: @RamuneIgasu Can you get a Japanese XBL account just like you get a PSN one?
  • 11:23:19: They TAX you for US PSN games? Damn! I was going to buy two 19.99 games and one 9.99 one, but now I can't! :(
  • 11:23:59: We'll I'm glad I didn't buy a 20$ PSN card I wouldn't have had enough to buy a 20$ game! XD
  • 15:54:01: @mkinyon Too late! http://youtu.be/u2aJxkmDwBI
  • 15:57:24: I just got the Tengai Makyou Collection... Which means I know have three JRPGs in Japanese which I can barely understand... XP
  • 16:09:09: Woohoo! I just changed my address to state that doesn't tax games and it worked! HUZZAH!
  • 16:27:26: Damn, I forgot you have to actually delete your PSN account on your PSP to play US PSN games... :|
  • 16:31:22: Wait... did they change something? I'm playing Euro PSN games on my US PSN account! I shouldn't be able to!
  • 16:35:08: RT @OverTheTopGames: Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate, NyxQuest is available this week for only 1.99$! You can get one for you and on ...
  • 16:35:45: OH! I get it! I might be using an US PSN account, but it's the Euro one that's "activated"?
  • 16:46:51: @mkinyon What's the statue of limitations? The song is pretty old!
  • 16:50:10: So... ZUN, the guy who is making the Touhou games doesn't want them to be distributed out of Japan? What a jerk! ):<
  • 18:35:52: While I do have JIS guide to help me through Far East of Eden... I don't think the game is worth the trouble... It's too... basic? :|
  • 18:57:24: Seriously, who wants to play a JRPG where monsters drop so little money and experience? :|
  • 19:26:21: Maybe I can play a JRPG in Japanese, but this one isn't fun enough to warrant the effort... Also the version they have of Kabuki Klash sucks
  • 19:43:37: DAMMIT! I'm still having site issues... At least my sister was able to post a message explaining everything...
  • 21:29:29: This is why I don't buy mainstream superhero comics.... http://bit.ly/gQAlVr
  • 21:31:51: How insane would it be to play Persona 3 Portable without a guide?
  • 21:43:13: @WAHPcast It looks like I chose the perfect time to create a US PSN account! XD
  • 21:56:54: @pikoeri Hmm, I would like to get the best Personas in the game, I was lucky in Persona 1 and got the ultimate fusion items by dumb luck!
  • 22:00:43: Playing the Great Gatsby Nes game has made interested in the book! http://greatgatsbygame.com/ (I'll probably get the audiobook! XD )
  • 22:06:32: @thegreenavenger DOOOO IT!
  • 22:18:47: @thegreenavenger I knew I remembered them from somewhere!
  • 22:48:17: Oh my... they have Valis and Sihloutte Mirage at the JP PSN store! <3

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