Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-12-2011

  • 01:05:11: I forgot the password to my site and.. The password reset email is going to an account I don't know the password too either! I'm screwed! D:
  • 01:11:40: Fortunately I can upload my comic to DeviantArt! Pun Dungeon isn't dead! http://bit.ly/fGHA5G
  • 01:18:59: @Hatchetjob You're right... If someones in my room, the last thing they'll do is look for passwords in my notebook! XD
  • 06:45:31: I think my site was hacked again, since it appears to be gone now! D:
  • 07:14:36: @Hatchetjob I'll just hide the paper?
  • 10:24:00: All this waiting is making me nervous, I still don't know what happened to my site... All I know is that I can't access it now!
  • 10:24:26: As in, my site doesn't seem to exists anymore more... :(
  • 11:37:48: Can anybody access my site http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com ? I can't on my computer or my iPhone, but my sister can!
  • 11:42:51: @Frumph @toblix Then I guess a local node fell? Is there any other explanation for this?
  • 11:48:25: @Frumph It gives 0% loss on all sides... Hmm...
  • 11:50:50: @Frumph Yes, but I couldn't access it from my iPhone either.
  • 12:41:29: @irishgirl982 I think it might be a local node since I can't access from my phone either... Thanks anyway!
  • 13:48:28: @irishgirl982 I have a backup from a month ago or so anyway, so it wouldn't be a total loss? :|
  • 19:12:23: @JimSterling He reminds me of the babe...
  • 19:15:23: I think I can only stomach modern Western RPGs and older sytle JRPGs?
  • 21:43:22: Silverfall is rather boring after a very monotonous prologue my first quest is to kill a babillion zombies.. No way!
  • 21:55:48: I can view my site if I use one of those VPN, so I'm fairly positive it's a local node failure...
  • 22:14:45: @toblix Yep, if no device in my home can access it unless I use VPN it must be a broken local node, right?
  • 22:49:39: Has anybody used this Swap Magic to play import games on their PS2? How well does it work?

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