Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-11-2011

  • 00:06:30: @JimSterling Where does abandonware and arcade roms fall in this mix?
  • 00:25:05: The Pun Dungeon has updated! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3561
  • 00:44:21: @jlist When do the Sakura flavored Kit Kats come out? Spring?
  • 11:34:47: RT @tecmokoeieurope: Free Stuff Friday: RT & Follow to WIN this exclusive TECMO KOEI bag. Winner announced 9PM GMT tonight! #tkecompo ht ...
  • 12:10:13: @jlist I heard that Sakura flavored ones are seasonal, I just hope the European Cheese is still there, as a European I must try them out! XD
  • 14:32:02: @jlist What are the chances of them both being on sale at the same time?
  • 15:24:30: My sister made me bento, have I mentioned how awesome she is lately? <3
  • 17:19:06: RT @smuu: Superhero Girl is updated with a new comic: http://bit.ly/dzeaiX I'm proud of my naming skills this week so pls RT if you like ...
  • 21:10:25: @nek0 Aren't bento boxes for eating outside?
  • 22:19:19: I missed Mubarak stepping down? When did this happen?
  • 22:38:10: You know what? Spam scams would work more often if you didn't get 50 emails about the same thing in your spam folder....
  • 22:54:33: @carsonfire I know, but how can not get suspicious when you get so many? Can anybody believe they've won the lottery 10 times a day?
  • 23:01:20: @lastres0rt Actually, I'm kinda interested in the whole toy gimmick they are going to try... ^_^;
  • 23:08:26: @carsonfire I never thought of that, the people who are new and more likely to fall for it ARE the ones who get less emails!
  • 23:11:44: I'm rather fed up with the Poison is a "trap" thing... They only gave her a penis because someone said it was wrong to hit women in games...
  • 23:16:07: @thegreenavenger *subscribes to channel* POOOONIIIIIIES! <3 (It actually looks like silly decent fun!)
  • 23:39:30: @lastres0rt Here's a video of it in action! http://youtu.be/Ui3GRImyzfs
  • 23:48:27: @Rosalarian @Yamino How do you like Gaga's new song now that.. IT HAS DANCING KITTIES IN IT? http://bit.ly/i0XxXV
  • 23:59:24: @nek0 Ok... Maybe I'll buy when I order Japanese candy? Sakura KitKat are around the corner?

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