Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-10-2011

  • 10:52:08: I've had breakfast for the first time in a millennium and yet... I feel as hungry as when I just drink some orange juice... :|
  • 10:56:16: Pedo Bear should be the new Hollywood mascot, since everybody keeps whining about they're raping their childhood... :|
  • 11:55:52: @TheSpoonyOne It's Faux News... they probably think Cute Overload is a site for furry pedophiles... :|
  • 14:32:35: They are making a fan translation of Retro Game Challenge 2, which is good, but... How would even use this legally?It's a DS game! :|
  • 19:08:23: Kaptain Brawe reminds me too much of So Blonde for me to like it.... "DERP" heroes DO NOT WORK in adventure games, dammit! DX<
  • 19:09:39: A "dumb" adventure game hero is like a pacifist hero in an FPS, except that might actually work!
  • 19:20:37: @Cyclophile Are you talking about the Super Bowl ad?
  • 19:23:39: @Cyclophile I heard them, the waxing one was the only one I found kinda clever...
  • 19:53:57: @reneengstrom There are still people who are new to computers and don't understand what spam is... :|
  • 19:56:03: Maybe I should download my favorite webcomics and illustrations you never know if they'll be there tomorrow... :(
  • 21:26:06: The closest thing to the Spanish "bocata" is hoagie, but can call it that when it only has one thing in it? Maybe there is no Enlgish word?
  • 21:29:22: @Kathleen_LRR BADUMP-TISH! XD
  • 22:59:00: Oh God, Murbarak is making every VERY ANGRY! D:
  • 23:03:01: He's not stepping down until September? Is he insane? D: #Murabak
  • 23:21:59: @reneengstrom Tee hee! That's puntastic! X3
  • 23:31:09: Hipster Mermaid is now mainstream... *shrugs*
  • 23:39:33: @AmyLukima Thank God I found it was photoshopped! D:

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