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Drat! Drat! And double drat! Downgraded!

When I woke up this morning, my PC refused to work, I didn't panic since I was going to pick up the new components anyway...

The journey was VERY long! I had time to read through half of Wee Free Men!

I got back, got everything ready and I got an error message... It said the CPU was recognized by the motherboard and that I had to update BIOS...

So I have to go back tomorrow because I certainaly can't do it if my PC won't work...

But how am I posting this? I'm using the PC I build for my father, which he hasn't even touched yet!

The motherboard's battery was dead, and I needed a new LAN card, but I'm back more or less...

I've gone from a AMD 3000+ to a Pentium II 300, my graphic card much be 32Mb, and I have a CD drive instead of a DVD one...

Even if I managed to install a DVD drive, I doubt my graphic card could play movies decently, and I doubt I could watch movies while chatting ...

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