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From Twitter 02-09-2011

  • 00:52:56: Pun Dungeon has updated! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3557
  • 07:08:13: Hudson Entertainment might be dead forever... damn! :( http://bit.ly/gphmos
  • 07:21:28: @kawaiinot Yay! My dairy dose of cute puns! They make me feel warm and toasty inside! X3
  • 07:36:57: @MolotovCupcake Discworld? Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy? Garth Nix? Spider Robinson?
  • 10:47:44: I think I'll make my own tea coaster out of perler beads, but... would a coaster with tiny holes in it be that effective? :3
  • 10:50:34: Now this is a cool way to make an internet comic! http://hobolobo.net/ 8D
  • 11:05:36: We are getting a bit spoiled.. I'm whining because I have to wait for Stacking to appear on PSN...
  • 11:16:45: Why didn't they warn us before cutting off the cold water? Now we have to use a bucket of HOT water to flush? What a waste!
  • 11:18:33: Now they cut the hot water without warning.... d--(O_O)--b
  • 13:56:59: Hmm, when does PSN update? 17:00? That's nearly 4 hours later than XBLA! #firstworldproblems
  • 14:03:51: @scottsigler How delicious would a burger made out of ancestor meat and topped with ancestor cheese be? Maybe some ancestor bacon too?
  • 14:05:47: @FB_BMB It was a typo? Wasn't she actually talking about poop on Ustream? I missed it...
  • 14:21:17: @FB_BMB Oh? I assumed it was something Lupa did with all the #ObscurusPoopa tags... Now I know!
  • 14:22:24: I don't consider myself a hardcore gamers, but... I kinda to play every game http://blog.hardcoregaming101.net/ mentions! XP
  • 14:24:26: I had completely forgotten about Net Yaroze... I liked the games I played though! (I wonder if I still have the disc?)http://bit.ly/gpbiSO
  • 15:30:39: @inspchin Aww... the offer is UK only? Oh well, the Spanish version is almost half price! http://www.game.es/ficha/ficha.aspx?sku=073113 8D
  • 16:22:15: Cynthia Rothrock should make a comeback in a Pokémon themed movie called... HitmonLADY! :3
  • 16:25:57: @Southworth Money is a sin! He's saving us by keeping it all to himself! What a great man! 8D
  • 16:41:30: @inspchin@thebloodred5 It could be worse, what if you got a tattoo of Sun Ce, the "little" conqueror? XD
  • 16:52:37: @inspchin I can't help but to giggle at names like Jiang Dong or Wang Lang... XD #puerile
  • 17:06:21: STACKING IS OUT FOR PSN! <3
  • 20:11:00: @elmuertecom Have you tried contacting Sony or the game developers for support?
  • 22:10:28: @dcorsetto Have you formatted or something similar recently? Chrome doesn't seem to backup passwords right? I learned the hard way...
  • 22:18:48: @tigresaa I heard it's 8 hours? I've played it for 4 and I'm at 40%?
  • 22:20:48: First an 11 year old kid spends a fortune on XBLA and DLC and now an 8 year old spends even more (1400$) on an iPhone app....8|
  • 22:29:02: @peprally Isn't TSA some airport security thing? I guess she was having a patdown or something? *shrugs*
  • 22:35:44: I always thought Fergie was short for Sarah Fergusson... I'm a musical ignoramus, OK? I can't even name the Beatles! XP
  • 23:09:14: I hope you'll dig today's Pun Dungeon! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3559

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