Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 02-08-2011

  • 00:04:05: Duty Calls is an awesome idea... I wonder if the idea of "anti-demos" will catch on? XD
  • 00:18:55: Can I just plug in my old hard drive into my new PC without incident if it still has an O.S. installed on it? It has data I didn't backup!
  • 07:53:33: I created my first console on Game Dev Story! I called it the PunStation, because I make games with punny names.... Like Die Nasty Warriors!
  • 11:05:33: Game Dev Story calls the Wii parody the Whoops? Kinda cruel, isn't it? :|
  • 11:07:35: How can lose fans because you haven't made a game in while when you're busy making a new console? WOW! They're total jerks! XD
  • 11:18:36: I kinda messed up in the end of Game Dev Story... I managed to make an awesome console, but I'm the red after paying my staff's salary..
  • 11:27:47: Game Dev Story should really have a loan option... if they gave me enough money to make a game I wouldn't be in the red anymore dammit!
  • 15:28:51: Deviantart is timing out each time I update my password... :(
  • 18:45:41: I haven't played Hydrophobia before the update, but it's not THAT bad... I wouldn't recommend it either though... :|
  • 20:05:39: @HeliosBlowtorch I had forgotten mine, but the reset didn't work... In the end I remembered it... XP
  • 20:07:25: FEAR 2 looks nice on my fancy new PC, but... it's play pretty generic... And it's not as scary as the first game... :|
  • 20:21:23: I guess I just don't like "generic" shooters... If the bad guys wear masks, I'm pretty sure I won't like it... XP
  • 20:31:22: @feliciaday It is ALWAYS cat video day... ALWAYS ! Bow before our feline overlords! XD
  • 21:14:07: @toblix I assume it will be out tomorrow? I know it's the release date, but PSN and XBLA don't update on Tuesdays as far as I know?
  • 21:42:06: @toblix It's been ages since I've played that game... :|
  • 22:21:39: Wow, I can't believe I managed to make it through Hydrophobia, but got bored of FEAR after three levels! XD
  • 22:38:15: @Yamino I bet they laugh at us when we call them meat BALLS! XP

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