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From Twitter 02-04-2011

  • 00:49:12: @inversephase Yes, please! X3
  • 00:56:37: Pun Dungeon has updated! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3547
  • 06:54:34: This should be Skyrim's commercial! http://youtu.be/c9eGtyqz4gY XD
  • 06:57:24: I'm sorry, but if you purposely provoke a "troll" you can't complain afterward that he offended you... specially if you drew pr0n of him...
  • 07:05:22: Come to think of it, the provoke is pretty trollish too...
  • 07:14:12: Apparently the hot water piper in the building broke last night... and I slept through it... :|
  • 10:42:50: @auntiepixelante Jim makes "horrible" jokes about everything, where were you when he made jokes about raping little kids?
  • 10:45:03: @auntiepixelante Jim is a "professional" troll, he jokes about pedophilia, rape, sexism, that doesn't make him a sexist pedophile rapist...
  • 11:12:33: I'm sorry but you can't be NOT offended by someone's rape joke and then tear him a new one for making sexists ones... :|
  • 11:49:54: RT @tecmokoeieurope: RT & Follow to WIN DEAD OR ALIVE Paradise (PSP game) - Winners announced 4PM GMT today. #tkecompo http://twitpic.co ...
  • 12:14:01: @auntiepixelante If making mysogynists jokes makes him a mysogynist then it's canceled out because he's made misandrist jokes too...
  • 14:04:27: @thecinemasnob Kudos for shooting in the middle of a snowstorm, but... Did you notice the dog peeking in the scene when the mercenary girl?
  • 14:08:39: @feliciaday As someone who's seen what both sides had to say... She attacked him first and insulted twice as much as Jim Sterling did...
  • 14:12:00: @feliciaday Not to mention she started it by drawing JIM a very NSFW fashion, I'm sorry, but this girl is a troll and shouldn't be defended!
  • 14:13:12: People, don't defend someone you don't know... they might not be deserving of your help....
  • 14:14:21: Seriously, if you draw a hateful NSFW picture of someone and this person insults you, YOU are still the bad guy!
  • 15:15:09: @JimSterling I'm baffled, she thinks she's in the right even though she started it and I'm sickened to hear she's trying to get you fired...
  • 15:16:01: @JimSterling It's like punching a waiter in the face and then trying to get the waiter fired because he defended himself...
  • 15:48:46: @JimSterling Apparently one of your fans is very mature... @JamStorling . Explain to me how this helps "their" side? :|
  • 20:18:25: I guess I'm the only one who thinks there is difference between people who tell offensive jokes and people who are offensive that tell jokes
  • 22:07:44: @jillybeaton What?! Why would anybody use such a phrase in their pitch? Do I even want to know? D:
  • 22:42:34: What would happen if I... wore a T-shirt with COMIC SANS font on it AND socks and sandals AT THE SAME TIME? D:
  • 22:53:44: @SamanthaKyle Ha ha, that's pretty awesome! To tell the truth, I don't get my people get so worked up over socks and fonts... *shrugs*
  • 23:01:56: @SamanthaKyle Yeah, a logo should looks it's best... and an ugly font makes a logo even uglier...
  • 23:07:23: There are countless fields of knowledge nowadays, just because they don't what you know doesn't make them stupid....
  • 23:13:33: @goraina Sanity is good thing to preserve! Unless you live in R'lyeh... ^_^;
  • 23:28:26: @SimonParkin Wouldn't be the first time to happen... try googling for bleach.. you won't get cleaning product, but anime!
  • 23:33:27: @AngryRabbit If I had friend with a fluffy tail, I'd be hugging it all the time too! XD
  • 23:50:52: @AngryRabbit If she was like some squirrels with tails bigger than their bodies you could use her tail as a bed! XD
  • 23:53:15: Speaking of fluffy tails reminds me I have to get my hands on the new BlazBlue... MAKOTO IS SO FLUFFY! X3

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