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From Twitter 02-01-2011

  • 00:24:59: Pun Dungeon updates! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3540
  • 07:04:05: Anybody know how to solve the 80023102 PSN error? :|
  • 07:08:44: They say the only way to solve the 80023102 PSN issue is to wait a few days... But the PSN sale ends today! D:
  • 07:19:27: Is it safe to buy a PSN card online? I really want to get this offer before it expires... :|
  • 07:25:47: Apparently I'm screwed..... It looks like PSN locks you out for 24 hours if you try to add funds too many times....
  • 07:30:34: @djmayhem A PSP game that's on sale?
  • 11:18:52: HOw does this make any sense? I got a new "N" type wifi adapter and my internet is SLOWER now? D:
  • 12:25:51: The laptop and the desktop PCs have the same Wifi adapter and are the same distance, the laptop gets 20Mb/s while the desktop gets 10? Why?
  • 13:26:17: Crysis is pretty... pretty bad! How come this game is so famous? Just because of it's graphics? :|
  • 14:22:53: Well, it looks like the obscure FPS my old PC couldn't handle doesn't work in Windows 7.... (Can I call it just 7?) :|
  • 15:25:46: @toblix EVA CASH DIRT Project? I tired compatibly mode and it didn't work, fortunately the company exists so I emailed them.
  • 15:36:39: It's almost depressing to see that every chiptune podcast has stopped updating... :(
  • 15:55:10: Why don't they call mini hot dogs hot puppies? #IMJUSTBEINGSILLY #DONTANSWERTHAT #SERIOUSLY
  • 17:50:55: I just had a relatively cool adventure with a man with a hook, a woman with a stache, poop and a giant balloon... Too long for Twitter! D:
  • 18:32:15: Here's my story of poop and bubbles! http://bit.ly/fOI1AF
  • 19:33:13: I just ate a whole bag of garlic bread... FOR SCIENCE! Seriously, I wanted to see if these "Eclipse FLASH" can kill the aftertaste!
  • 19:41:17: I just realized that it's hourly comic day and for once in my life a day that's interesting enough to talk about, but I don't have the time.
  • 20:35:24: @PushinUpRoses Jinkies! XD
  • 21:13:21: @Brighat Sly 3 is my least favorite... It has too much stuff and little of it has to do with thievery... :(
  • 21:30:31: @Brighat I hated the pirate ship battles I never understood why sometimes a direct hit sunk a ship and sometimes it takes ages.... :|
  • 21:50:15: @Brighat I couldn't be bothered with the trophies in this game... Replaying the mission on a timer doesn't seem like fun to me... :|
  • 21:55:28: The Metal Gear Graphic Novel for PSP is 1.38 Gigs.... I dread to see how big the physical version of this comic is! D:
  • 22:06:22: @Brighat The half health thing isn't that bad, you Sly 1 trains you to play without getting hit! XD
  • 22:13:13: @Brighat I only did the challenges for Episode 1, I was going to do the rest , but I just can't be bothered, you don't get any for them!
  • 22:13:54: @Brighat You'd think you'd get, I dunno, TREASURE for the treasure missions at least! XP
  • 22:20:29: @Brighat My backlog is staggering, I just can't do 100% in a games when it stops being fun... I don't have the time :(ç
  • 22:20:52: RT @Kathleen_LRR: For those of you wondering why Canadians keep losing their shit about the internet, we've prepared a handy chart: http ...

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