Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

A story of giant bubbles, men with hook hands, women with staches, unicorns and poop!

This all started because I needed a PSN card ASAP to take advantage of the latest sale... 

When I left my home I saw a giant bubble in the sky... I thought it was very strange that a bubble could get so high and so big, but as I got closer... I realized it couldn't be a bubble, it looked... plastic?

My imagination ran wild for a while and since the bubble was in the same direction as the subway station I needed to take to get to the mall,so I went in its direction... as I got closer it looked more and more artificial. When I reached the library I noticed other people looking at it, one of them pointed out to me that it was attached to something...

Since the line was close to "A" subway station, I decided that why not follow it? It was only a minute or two away! When I reached the end of the line.... It was at the newly opened art gallery! It was obvious some sort of stunt for an attraction there, I saw some people with video equipment outside, so I asked them... they told we it was part of an exposition by Wilfredo Prieto.

My curiosity was finally satisfied and I decided that if was willing to pull such a stunt to attract people to his gallery, I should go see it...

AFTER I go to the game store! XD

The store had a tale to tell too! The people who worked there were... interesting? There was a girl who was very cute and nice and knew about games, but... she had SUCH a stache! She had to be aware of it, she was almost a bearded lady, I'm not kidding! The other worker was also a cute girl, but the kind of girl most would confuse with a boy.... At least you can't say the only hire super models for game stores anymore? 

I got the PSN card with the money I got from selling the games I brought and with what I had left over I bought a Might & Magic Clash of Heroes figure.... IT WAS A UNICORN! SCORE! 

I got back and went to the galley and THIS was part of this man's art show, I kid you not....


Yep, that's REAL poop! POOP IS ART NOW! HUZZAH! And the rest of the show? GARBAGE.... LITERALLY! The floor has a few puddles, wanna guess what they were? YEP, they were ART! A puddle of milk is art now! HUZZAH! And also a pile of dirt! AND A EMPTY PEN! 

Also... a stone with butter on top.... WOW! I don't know if want to stab the artist in the face or shake his hand for having such gall! Even the people who worked there didn't know what this was all about....

Speaking of the people who worked there.... The man at the desk had a hook for a hand! How cool is that? 

So many strange and cool events in so little time! X3
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