Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-30-2011

  • 00:09:29: @MolotovCupcake Not to mention they had cheesecake under control back then... it's almost innocent compared to today! XD
  • 01:45:48: One of the voices of @SMAtweets looks just like @JessFink ! Hmm, Jess? Can you do Sailor Scout voices? :3
  • 12:17:58: As soon as I install AVG, I'm installing Chrome... Then at least I can watch videos while I install the rest! X3
  • 12:47:55: Great... The Chrome profile I backed up seems to be useless... Now what? Do I plug in my old pc and try again?
  • 14:02:07: Well, my new computer is set up.... but I don't think it backed up my passwords right.... I'm logged in though! :|
  • 14:23:37: Great.. Thunderbird downloaded EVERY EMAIL EVER from GMail... :|
  • 15:02:55: Hmm... I'm still getting used to the things that have changed from Windows Vista to 7... :|
  • 16:52:24: Sigh... I'm going to spend the next 3 decades deleting the 3 millions emails downloaded from Gmail...
  • 17:55:27: Steam just changed to my favorites form several months ago... creepy?
  • 18:31:30: @JimSterling My "complaint" is that I feel that games are "eight" hours so they can justify the $60 price, fluff in games is ridiculous now!
  • 19:21:32: This is taking for ever... I don't think I'll be able to make a comic today... But Sunday is the day that I don't promise one, so it's OK?
  • 19:32:17: @tashascomic It's even better when they are bit more subtle, when you have to make the punchline in your brain! :3
  • 19:53:27: Thunderbird seems to crashing constantly because it can't handle the 2 billion emails it downloaded... XP
  • 20:35:17: I think I need a little help here? Thunderbird downloaded ALL my emails and now I think it's crashing because it can't handle this many?
  • 21:52:03: Urg... That's it from now on I only check my Gmail on Gmail... XP
  • 22:26:24: iTunes is going to delete everything on my iPhone because of my new PC... if I use the backup I have AFTER this will I recover the files?
  • 22:28:09: The Internet had failed me BIG time, I did ALL the things it told me to do for a backup and.. they all failed!
  • 22:28:58: What they told for Chrome didn't save my passwords, the Thunderbird thing did nothing and it looks like I'm losing everything on my iPhone!
  • 22:44:14: @kyubikitsy I have a backup of my iPhone on an external HD, but since it's from another PC (another library) will it even work?
  • 23:44:42: @tigresaa How could you tell? Did she still have the price tag on? XD
  • 23:46:12: Dammit, I have to go to bed soon and get my iPhone ready for work, but... what if I lose all my apps with the syncing to a new PC? D:

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