Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Instead of a comic laugh at my misery! (I'm not really miserable, but still...)

For a while I've been thinking of updating my PC, and this weekend a store had 20% all computers... You can guess what happened, right?

There were two PC I saw that I wanted to choose from..., the same price, more or less the same specs? One of them only had the display unit, which wasn't ready, which meant I'd have to get later and pay for shipping, so I picked the other... it looked.. bigger? When i got home I realized how ridiculously huge it it!  I'm pretty sure you could fit a thin human inside this case! I had to do a lot of moving around to adjust to it's size, but at least it fits? :|

The day before I did a bunch of backups and.... the mostly failed.... either the people who offered helped didn't know what they were talking about, or the info was outdated, but.... most of them were useless...

One was my fault, I forgot my documents were on the same drive as my images... I have all my images and comics, but not my docs... 

The Chrome backup was partially successful... My passwords are gone... And yet I'm still logged in?

Don't even get me started on Thunderbird... The backup did NOTHING and it just downloaded ALL MY EMAILS FROM GMAIL.... WHICH MADE IT CRASH EVERYTIME! So... I managed to delete the Gmail account there and now I just use the web server... :|

As for the iPhone.... I backuped the music I didn't have on CD and backed up my iPhone, but... iTunes says it's going to deleted everything because it's from a different PC... will restoring the iPhone do anything? The backup is from another PC... :|

While I was waiting for everything to download and update.... I went to XBLA to take advantage of the DLC discount offers, but.... it won't let me buy points... I also tried to download a free app I already own on this PC to see what happens... it wouldn't let me either...

The last time this happened it was because my account was empty, but I still have money in the bank, yet Microsoft and Apple say my credit card isn't any good...

And I haven't even had time to test the power of this new PC... :(

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