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From Twitter 01-29-2011

  • 00:00:47: Today's Pun Dungeon will regret it in the morning.... http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3535
  • 00:31:15: I... I... I beat Sapphire? I BEAT SAPPHIRE! YEEES! I feel so badass now! And with the slowest ship too! XD
  • 00:34:47: I think it's safe to say Sapphire is my favorite VERTICAL shmup, the Parodius series is my favorite in horizontal shmups... XP
  • 07:40:44: @RamuneIgasu Yep, green is slowest... But I'm not that good at memorizing... You know what? I have no idea if I've played Gates of Thunder?
  • 07:50:18: Desktop PCs are 10-20% at PC City today only... guess who's buying a new PC? (If I can)
  • 07:52:42: @rosalarian She was the princess of KAPOW!
  • 09:58:19: THIS is how you play Angry Birds! XD http://www.timothywinchester.com/index.php
  • 10:48:37: My Cat Is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner by Power Salad! http://youtu.be/lrB01AVlWEU
  • 11:01:19: Road Waffles is back? I should check it out one of these days... XP http://roadwaffles.keenspot.com/
  • 11:25:40: The backup program sucks... I'm backuping manually... XP
  • 12:48:47: How on Earth do you export your passwords and bookmarks with Google Chrome? D:
  • 13:20:01: Is there anything I'm forgetting to backup? Chrome data, Thunderbird data, my documents....
  • 13:21:49: How do I export my Thunderbird data? Do I just copy profile folder? :|
  • 14:14:57: It looks like anybody who could give me some hints is either away, asleep or doesn't care... XP
  • 14:22:40: Should I bother keeping any game save files? Does anybody replay the end area of a game years later? Games with New Game +, those I'll keep!
  • 14:29:52: If you become a popular company in Game Dev Story... does it let you ship mediocre bug ridden games and still get high scores? ;P
  • 16:06:16: I can't really think of what else to back up, so I'm backing up games saves.... And I just copied the user data from my email and broswer?
  • 16:10:15: It kinda doesn't matter if I'm backing up the wrong files since I'm just buying a new PC, I'll have this one if I mess something up?
  • 16:18:56: Why are people surprised when a famous actor is on drugs? Aren't they all... meth head actors? :B
  • 16:41:59: @smuu That reminds me! I discovered you through your Lifemeter RE4 comic! XD
  • 16:43:45: I'm making a dating sim in Game Dev Story..I feel dirty... XP
  • 21:13:28: @Emilleigh Really? Do you import them from Japan even? :3
  • 21:19:34: I'm finally back and I got a "Hardcore Gaming PC" 20% off! It's kinda ridiculously huge.... I'll try to plug it in tomorrow? :|
  • 21:32:25: The CPU has X6 cores.... That's kinda ludicrous? And... Windows 7 32 and 64 bit? I assume the 64 one is better? :|
  • 23:18:22: This "Hardcore Gaming PC" come with... a pretty crappy keyboard and mouse! I'll keep the old ones... XD
  • 23:20:48: Why is this desktop PC so huge? I can see inside it and it has too much empty space! It doesn't seem to have the liquid cooling it promised
  • 23:21:31: Oh well, I'll figure out if this was worth it when I plug it in tomorrow...XP
  • 23:49:44: I invite you to read the latest Kitchen Kaos comic! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3537
  • 23:59:36: There now seems to be a new sort of bots... they don't really spam, but they post random quotes and they reek of AI control?

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