Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-28-2011

  • 00:18:08: AAAH! The game is giving me a pop quiz? I'm so screwed! T_T
  • 00:20:03: Oh wait... I just get a fight if I miss.... XP
  • 01:44:38: YES! The final battle is with a giant mech! <3
  • 01:47:28: @JesuOtaku I'm 34, a man, and I have tons of nerdy plushies.... And I love them all! <3
  • 01:48:37: I wonder if I'm the only non Japanese speaking person to beat or even bother playing Galaxy Fraulein Yuna? XP #IWON
  • 01:49:33: Considering how I couldn't find any info on this game... I might be?
  • 01:59:31: I know what "Oshimai" means... It's means I'm the king of the game! It means I win! THE END! A WINNER IS ME! XD
  • 08:01:21: @AmyLukima I think it's Feb 6th? I'd rather watch the Puppy Bowl myself, but I can't watch that in my country... :(
  • 12:42:50: What does "ne ne" mean in Japanese at the beginning of a phrase?
  • 13:18:30: RT @tecmokoeieurope: Follow & RT to WIN DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 Empires PS3 game copy. Winner to be announced by the end of today. #tkecompo ...
  • 14:20:57: I love how Yuna just fawns over Polylina when she fights for her! XD
  • 14:24:11: This game has a bunny battle suit babe that's bike shaped! XD
  • 15:49:38: My PlayAsia order has gone from "1 Week" to "Backorder"... Should I cancel? The backorder could take months to arrive! D:
  • 16:43:11: @RamuneIgasu I'm near the end of the 2nd one right now! It's much more challenging now and more fun too! :3
  • 16:43:56: @RamuneIgasu The first Yuna game is ridiculously easy! (Have you every ordered anything from PlayAsia backordered? Should I cancel?)
  • 16:45:02: I really hope the Yuna anime has the awesome battle suit designs from the games! X3
  • 17:05:37: The final boss of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 2 looks just like Belldandy! XD
  • 17:06:56: @RamuneIgasu Thanks! I figured it was something like that from the context, but wasn't sure! :3
  • 17:26:16: @RamuneIgasu What? I thought it was Japan only for good?
  • 17:31:48: This whole Egypt thing is messed up...Just because you "shut off" the internet this doesn't mean the World won't know what's going on.. :|
  • 18:07:38: I am now the champion of obscure games with girls in battles suits! Yuna 2 beaten! X3
  • 19:49:33: Even though Sapphire is kicking my butt, I'm loving it... I'm not sure I'll ever beat it! XD
  • 22:34:09: Ichitou! What?... I just have an itchy toe! Seriously... it's driving me mad! T_T
  • 23:34:58: KITTY MIDNIGHT MADNESS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4fVsSejI4Q

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