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From Twitter 01-27-2011

  • 00:24:36: You have to part of the secret club to read today's Pun Dungeon! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3531 XP
  • 00:56:19: I've already learned two Japanese words playing Galaxy Fraulein Yuna: Look and Talk... it's the only things she can do... :|
  • 00:57:25: I've also learned she's like Sailor Moon, but with a battle suit (skimpy by 90's standards, PG by today's?)
  • 06:59:42: I remember I once found a site that could tell you how likely a Twitter follower was spam, but I can't find it anymore.... :(
  • 07:02:52: @RamuneIgasu Oh! Oh! I actually got a follower after mentioning Parodius! 8D
  • 07:03:35: @RamuneIgasu It looks like it plays like Snatcher, but I've yet to see any action scenes yet.... :|
  • 07:04:31: The site was TweetBlocker, but it's dead now.... :(
  • 07:18:10: This is so strange, this follower screams of bot, yet it's not linking to any site anywhere? How curious... :|
  • 07:19:03: But who cares? If you don't follow or are followed by anybody I know or care about, then I don't think I'll follow you... XP
  • 08:05:18: @RamuneIgasu So, you found a copy of Galaxy Fraulein Collection for PSP too? Neat! :3
  • 08:08:44: @RamuneIgasu I watched an episode and stopped when I found out the show takes place AFTER the games... Now I gotta play it to watch the show
  • 11:17:14: @VILE Carmen Sandiego on Facebook? Oh well, as long as you don't get foursquare... XP
  • 11:18:03: I think I'm more likely to get the PSP2 than the 3DS, I'm pretty sure the PSP2 will be the one to get the niche shmups and brawlers...
  • 11:18:48: Also, I'm pretty sure Sony will be smarter than Nintendo and make the PSP2 region free! XP
  • 11:20:22: @RamuneIgasu I probably spoiled the game a little by watching the first episode... well, the spoiler was she defeated a great evil... XP
  • 11:23:15: I like my girls "KIrby", with double "Dededes" and that will love me all "Meta Knight"! XD
  • 11:48:05: Does anybody have an Alienware PC? Are they really worth it? It seems I could get the same PC for less but without liquid refrigeration?
  • 11:55:42: @TheSpoonyOne Weird Science time!
  • 14:02:53: @Frumph Do they also say he blogs like a cow? ;P
  • 14:08:24: @Frumph It would be the first time someone said something clever and is ignored until the same thing is said by someone famous? :|
  • 14:36:51: Hmm, is 4G of Ram enough for a gaming PC nowadays? :|
  • 15:04:02: @Rinrygamegame As a European I'm lucky enough to own a physical copy! :3
  • 15:25:13: @Rinrygamegame Wouldn't a Honey Bee Adapter be enough? Although it might not be enough? I'm sure @JewWario can help you with this! :3
  • 15:38:48: I wish I could understand more Japanese... why is Yuna's teacher having a karaoke contest in class? :|
  • 15:40:06: Yappari is like gambate, right? :|
  • 16:23:33: @carolzara Are you going to wait until Carmen Sandiego gets on Foursquare? ;P
  • 16:25:19: @thegreenavenger Oh, thanks!
  • 16:26:17: Isn't there some guide online for "basic Japaense for games"? Attack, defend, that kind of stuff? :|
  • 16:27:03: I think I only won the first battle, well, because it was the first battle... XP
  • 17:47:56: A girl with a bunny girl battle suit and a golf club as a weapon? Why not? XD
  • 17:50:33: @DawnOfMinstrel Unfortunately this one is too obscure... Yet it was released on a PSP collection... which is why I have it... XP
  • 17:51:21: I'm pretty sure this game was supposed to be a bit fanservicey, but it's tame by today's standards? XP
  • 18:02:27: AHAHA! I suddenly hear the Bomberman theme play and the little bomberguys judge a bikini contest out of the blue! XD
  • 18:05:11: The bikini contest is more prove this game is "fanservicey", but yeah... that's PG by today's standards... XP
  • 19:22:20: Kitty battle armor! YAY! <3
  • 20:32:04: @Kirbopher I've stopped "LOL"ing and "ROFL"ing, but now I can't even do the kitty smile? D:
  • 22:11:08: @aric An iPad of course! http://youtu.be/ATpSPNIuj3M
  • 23:31:03: @MykalWane Nah, I'm too close to the end! I get extra brownie points for playing it without knowing Japanese! XD
  • 23:47:28: Today's Pun Dungeon is for the birds! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3533
  • 23:57:25: I'll be "Totemo ureshi" if I can beat this game with my nearly non existent knowledge of Japanese... XP

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