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From Twitter 01-26-2011

  • 00:13:25: @boxbrown No, the dirt kept telling me she had to wash her hair.... :(
  • 00:20:44: @dear_ambellina You're playing Fairytale Fights? Poor lass! D:
  • 00:28:02: @rstevens Going to the bathroom would be a nightmare! (I really mean it, try walking with your penis to the bathroom!)
  • 00:51:23: Pun Dungeon slithers into a new comic! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3529
  • 07:04:51: This "Ladies Making Comics" poll isn't very fair, Faith Erin Hicks VS.... the Persepolis girl? COME ON! ):<
  • 07:42:21: @MykalWane Yes, but I don't think you can get the mixture unless you work in the meat industry? You definitely can't get the blood?
  • 15:25:15: The Last Story: It's so good 360 fanboys destroy it because they can't live with the fact they can't play it! XD
  • 15:26:37: We have different points of view! Let's call each names and yell instead of talking like civilized people! HUZZAH! XP
  • 15:34:34: Once again a PSP JPRG is digital download only in Europe... XP
  • 17:00:47: RT @GOGcom: Surprise! The Last Express, one of the best designed and most immersive adventure games ever created now on GOG for $5.99 ht ...
  • 17:07:43: The fan remake of Alien Breed is better than the official one... XP
  • 17:23:06: I just realized, there are three PC Engine collections, but none of them are Bomberman, Bonk (PC Genjin) or Valis? That's kinda messed up!
  • 17:28:39: @dear_ambellina I was told it was going to be an XBLA game, but they were forced to make it a console release and make it MUCH MUCH longer.
  • 17:29:53: @dear_ambellina It would have been an acceptable as an XBLA game, but they couldn't with some many other brawlers released that year. :(
  • 18:04:23: @aedavis Google Translate says it's a separate item that you get for free with the pre-order?
  • 18:34:05: @dear_ambellina I'm pretty sure they came out, but for the ps3 version only? It was just characters, that don't play differently at all.. :(
  • 21:47:07: @reneengstrom Pineapples do not speak? :|
  • 21:59:43: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna is kinda awesome! It's like Sailor Moon with mechs and space girls! Retro anime is awesome! <3
  • 22:11:44: @emilyterrible It's Kotaku, what did you expect? Half of it's news is about pervy Japanese games! XD
  • 22:22:48: @emilyterrible I think anybody with an imagination can figure out what the comments on those posts will be...
  • 22:25:04: I just got a bunch of anime followers for mentioning "Anime", so... CUPCAKES! CANDY! UNICORNS! PUPPIES! KITTIES! TWIZZLERS!
  • 22:33:56: @dear_ambellina Just wait, one of these days... I'll get the Unicorn Candy King to follow me! The Cupcake Puppy Prince would be nice too! XP
  • 22:43:28: Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail on Facebook? I think I might actually play a Facebook game now! XD http://bit.ly/eWPy7u
  • 22:51:47: @jochan1977 Sometimes I wish there was a "Follow AGAIN!" button too! XD
  • 22:54:07: I guess I don't have a "dark mind" because when I listen to "dark humor", it's not that I don't get, I don't even see where the jokes are!
  • 23:17:04: @AmyLukima Ask mom! Oh, wait.... XP
  • 23:33:20: @notch This would be the perfect ad for Minecraft! XD http://www.halolz.com/2011/01/26/come-build-my-lord/
  • 23:49:40: @dcorsetto I think there was another Facebook GWS Fanpage a few years ago, but I didn't use Facebook much back then, so I'm not sure?

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