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From Twitter 01-25-2011

  • 00:10:11: @mudron Have you tried the Sly Collection? There is also a Star Soldier Collection for PSP (Import)?
  • 00:35:20: Did I use a stunt double in today's Pun Dungeon? Try to find out! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3527
  • 01:00:48: @mudron There is also an IREM Arcade Collection for PC http://bit.ly/hLmmuH
  • 07:30:28: @aedavis All this does is remind me the game isn't out in Europe yet... T_T
  • 07:43:33: @MarzGurlProd You pretty much described the girl at the game store I frequent... XP
  • 07:55:34: @MarzGurlProd So... the boss was a boob for choosing the boobs? XP
  • 11:24:22: I dropped my iPhone the other day... now the podcasts stop at random... :(
  • 11:35:04: @starlinex HA HA! I can't believe he thought he could get away with a Maru essay! XD
  • 14:05:12: When will they start making HI DEF TV dinners? (TV dinners, another thing Spain doesn't have)
  • 14:05:46: I also have no idea what pastrami tastes like? I think I had it once in New York, but I don't remember.... XP
  • 14:16:36: @irishgirl982 Pastrami doesn't look like salami at all? Are they similar? We do have salami over here.
  • 14:24:34: @irishgirl982 All the pictures of pastrami I've seen make it look like some sort of spiced ham? :|
  • 14:29:38: @irishgirl982 Corned beef is another thing we don't have over here... We're more of a dried meat country... XP
  • 14:40:28: @nachimir Can't you do that in those "chore RPG" games?
  • 15:10:03: @nachimir That kind of stuff actually seemed to work for a week or two... XP
  • 15:51:26: @Yamino What? This is something I'd expect from 1930's America, but this is 2010! My brain can barely believe it's real! D:
  • 16:16:53: RT @smuu: Adventures of Superhero Girl updated! http://superherogirladventures.blogspot.com/ Please RT if you like it. :)
  • 16:27:05: @ryanestrada Freak you out with it's awesomeness or freak you out in a "AAAH! It's big and hungry!" way? (Or maybe both?) D:
  • 17:01:57: @ryanestrada And I just saw it... I cringed during the whole video.... I would rather have watched 2Girls1Cup instead! WHHHHY?!?! T_T
  • 17:37:43: @SisterLilBunny This is the guy who did the Let's Play! http://bit.ly/efH5xW
  • 17:53:33: It kinda sucks that PSN has exclusive shows.... that are US exclusive, how much am I missing out on? D:
  • 17:58:24: @Benzaie_tgwtg But why a new card? Does the DSi have firmware upgrade to combat R4s?
  • 20:28:41: How does a "punk" artist go from drawing punk to... nazis? D:
  • 20:28:46: How does a "punk" artist go from drawing punk to... nazis? D:
  • 21:31:31: @SisterLilBunny I hate the water scene...T_T
  • 22:47:24: @DawnOfMinstrel AFFECTION! XD
  • 23:06:48: @RamuneAmai I'll have to remember this, you wouldn't believe how often I choke on water.... T_T
  • 23:18:51: Half the internet is nerd-raging because a comic character died and the other half is nerd-raging because of the Oscars... #TAKEACHILLPILL
  • 23:38:41: I think the real reason I dislike Tumblr is because while it's good for blogging, it's no good for socializing and making new friends... :(

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