Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 00:01:54: Fanservice of the Three Kingdoms makes no sense, but it's cheesily amusing! XD
  • 00:29:52: I just realized.... Panty from P&S turns her panties into a gun.... PANTY SHOT?!! How come nobody else has realized this awesome visual pun?
  • 00:32:09: @toblix You never heard of Panty & Stocking? Or are you talking about the previous posts? I was just watching some silly cheesy anime... XP
  • 00:34:52: @Emilleigh Whoa! I though there was only the standard kind! You live and learn! :3
  • 00:36:03: @toblix Panty & Stocking isn't the show I was talking about, P&S is.... the Japanese South Park? You'll either love it or hate it?
  • 00:39:41: @toblix What I was watching was a very silly show called Ikki Tousen, it's Romance of the Three Kingdoms with panty shots? XP
  • 00:44:54: Speaking of anime, it was depressing to find out Eiken WASN'T making fun of fanservice and was for real.. At least that's what they tell me?
  • 11:08:21: There's nothing like finding poop on toilet paper AFTER you blow your nose in it... WHO LEAVES POOP ON THE ROLL? T_T
  • 11:28:41: @JhonenV I thought that was Chaplin dressed as Hitler?
  • 11:40:04: @kyubikitsy @EverTomorrow It was only a bit of poop... If it had been more I would have noticed! But still... T_T
  • 15:39:14: I know own Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Collection, it has the very rare Sapphire and... two visual novels in Japanese, which I can barely read...XP
  • 16:16:56: @Topherocious Did you know there is a Star Soldier Collection and a Galaxy Fraulein Collection for PSP? (Galaxy Fraulein has Sapphire in it)
  • 16:18:39: I've only played a level of Sapphire but it seems pretty awesome! :3
  • 17:49:04: @RamuneIgasu Jamaica me confused with those dreads? XP
  • 22:16:27: Thank you, @loadingreadyrun, now I will have dirty thoughts every time I see an explosion... XP MANLY?!
  • 22:40:10: A package from Japan takes as much time as one from the UK? How is this even possible? D8

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