Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-22-2011

  • 11:38:47: @TheSpoonyOne Why not embrace the post-apocalyptic world and purchase leather clothes and a shotgun?
  • 22:43:06: @HappyHarryToons Daventry?
  • 22:53:27: @RamuneIgasu Would they like one of SNK or Capcom collections that has brawlers and fighters in them?
  • 22:58:41: @RamuneIgasu OOOH! Power Stone Collection! Do you think he'd like the Dynasty Warriors games? There's a Tekken and a Soul Calibur too?
  • 23:04:12: @RamuneIgasu I think that's about it... I still haven't gotten Ikki Tousen, but I've watch a few episodes and... Did I buy an eroge? D:
  • 23:04:58: @RamuneIgasu Unbound Saga is kinda bad, and the rest... I haven't played yet... But Fate/Unlimited Codes seems cool?
  • 23:14:26: @RamuneIgasu I think Ikki Tousen crosses the line a few times, specially with the green haired girl... XP
  • 23:15:48: @RamuneIgasu There's probably wrestling and games based on Naruto, Dragon Ball and Bleach as fighters? But I think that's more or less it?
  • 23:16:49: @RamuneIgasu He he, I think I have every game with the word "collection" on it... XP
  • 23:20:13: @RamuneIgasu Gradius, Parodius, Lifeforce, Twinbee, Midway, Taito, EA, Activision, SNK, Atari, Namco, Capcom, the PSP is retro heaven!
  • 23:39:04: @RamuneIgasu What really annoys me about the show is that it's based on the Three Kingdoms, but Japan changed the names of the heroes!
  • 23:41:51: @RamuneIgasu One of these days I'll get a Nendroid or Figma... If I can ever decide on which to buy! There is too many! XD
  • 23:51:32: @RamuneIgasu I don't really know these characters... if I bought every cute looking figuring I'd be drowning in them by now! XD
  • 23:55:32: @rstevens Do you get your packages covered in Pooka guts? D:
  • 23:56:02: HEDGEHOGS! http://www.weebls-stuff.com/songs/Hedgehogs/

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