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From Twitter 01-19-2011


Previous Entry From Twitter 01-19-2011 Jan. 20th, 2011 @ 02:01 am Next Entry

  • 07:33:53: @MolotovCupcake But how else are they going to fluff up a game if they don't force a sealed arena fight every five minutes? XD
  • 07:58:59: This animu is so delightfully herp a derp... XP
  • 08:04:31: @carsonfire Hypothetical questions don't make much sense if you think about them... Maybe you could play strip Pac-Man with the girls? XD
  • 10:23:39: @MykalWane It has action and fanservice? I find it hilarious! XD
  • 10:25:06: @TheSpoonyOne It's coming out for PSP in Japan in Spring, so I assume it will reach the US eventually?
  • 10:33:26: @TheSpoonyOne Have you browsed the PSP RPG section on PSN? They might have something you haven't played yet?
  • 11:32:00: @littlefroggies Torrent people don't care.... They are entitled to everything in the world for free! *shrugs*
  • 12:31:31: @littlefroggies Oh.. yeah, hosting it gives you double douche points... XP
  • 15:01:54: @MykalWane Who says I understand it? I just find it humorous! XD
  • 15:32:20: @MykalWane I find it cheesy funny?
  • 15:45:42: @zaphky Que tal el final? XD
  • 18:26:57: @Benzaie_tgwtg I'd do that too, but... what if Nintendo makes it scarce like the Wii back in the day?

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