Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-18-2011

  • 00:38:00: I just found out that the special flavors of Japanese Kit Kat's are a once time thing.... But I also heard the sakura ones are seasonal! :3
  • 07:33:58: @AWDtwit I'd thank them if they released it in Europe, we deserve it! We never got the whole series! D:
  • 15:22:53: You guys should tell your tweets to wear some clothes.... I just saw a dangling participle! DX<
  • 17:37:13: The Critical Miss story "Children of Steam" is hard to swallow... The world will end if Steam ends? That's just too ludicrous....
  • 17:40:52: What about indie games? Flash games? Physical PC games? Non PC games? Gamersgate? GOG? Impluse? Don't they exist?
  • 17:47:11: How come when they ask "What game system would you take to a deserted island?", nobody answers: "A high powered PC with every emulator!"? XP
  • 20:22:05: @carsonfire @Cyclophile @MykalWane Since it's a hypothetical question, we can assume the island has everything else we should need? XP
  • 20:24:39: @Cyclophile Well, everything but people? Hypothetical questions don't make much sense.... XP
  • 21:46:59: Man, a ton of good games are out on PSP, but DIGITAL ONLY! D:
  • 23:21:31: @WadjetEyeGames I think you get eaten by a mini grue if you sleep in a certain place? #CLOSEENOUGH?
  • 23:23:43: @mudron Are the games going to be $50?
  • 23:59:46: Pun Dungeon has updated! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3513

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