Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-17-2011

  • 06:52:08: A Recettear comic! Yayifications! http://bit.ly/fp3Rs4
  • 10:30:03: @MolotovCupcake They have comics in your library! 8O
  • 11:05:23: @choochoobear I thought most of the Disney comics were drawn in Europe?
  • 11:16:15: Haven't people realized by now that when you try to hurt "The Big Man" you end up hurting the "Little Man" instead? :|
  • 16:06:26: I really wish I had a copy of Popful Mail... :(
  • 16:33:39: @toblix All I can say that is they make the local red licorice taste like plastic... Did you get the normal ones? The others are good too.
  • 16:38:20: @toblix That's the good stuff! I usually get it sent by friends.. the mere thought that I could buy them online is frightening... D8
  • 16:47:08: Have you ever bought a game knowing it's based on a show, movie or book you haven't seen yet because the gameplay looks fun? XP
  • 16:48:28: @toblix A part of me want a link, the other wants to flee in terror! Don't give the monkey the key to the banana plantation! XD
  • 16:52:34: The game is the only brawler on PSP on UMD (the other is digital download only) and it's based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms... XP
  • 17:06:25: The problem with Nendroids is... that they are too cute and I want them all! X3
  • 19:15:04: Ha ha, the Canadian level in Sly 2 has you fighting moose men and ducks! XD
  • 19:51:03: @Yamino How excited are you about the news about Panty & Stocking Nendroids? :3 http://bit.ly/g3ZxgV
  • 20:16:47: @Yamino Neither do I, but this will definitely be the exception! X3
  • 21:41:35: Kotaku says pretty people are smarter, not only is that stupid, but it has nothing to do with games! http://bit.ly/goLXZP
  • 22:40:34: @Frumph I had forgotten that place existed.... I'm pretty sure we all joined and forgot about it.... XP
  • 22:44:27: @Frumph Do we really need such a site, when most of us are on other better social networking sites?
  • 23:44:58: Are all shmups now danmaku? D:
  • 23:55:45: A new Pun Dungeon story starts.... Although Phing hasn't noticed yet.... XP http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3511

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