Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-15-2011

  • 00:20:18: My site is finally back to normal, so I can finally update there again! YAY! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3505
  • 10:41:41: @poisonrational You never saw it before? The truth is out there! ;P
  • 10:43:33: I just coughed and then sneezed... Spiting loogies doesn't seem so barbaric anymore... EEEW! T_T
  • 11:04:28: I just remembered that there was a kid in my class who wore a "onanist" Heidi shirt to class and... got away with it every time?
  • 11:08:09: I know us European are open minded, but that t-shirt was just offensive on so many levels.... IT WAS CHILD PR0N DAMMIT! D:<
  • 20:02:27: @Cyclophile Onanist? I'll just say it's a NSFW term? Kinda?
  • 20:10:55: @Cyclophile It's a fancy way to say masturbation.... XP
  • 22:22:56: @Kirbopher Rare did make a game called "Grabbed by the Ghoulies" (grabbed by the balls)... I believe it! XD
  • 22:30:13: @Coelasquid Did you mention a celebrity or brand?
  • 22:41:01: @Coelasquid Twitter can't filter spam, you can only avoid the bots by avoiding their trigger worlds (brand names, celebrities)?
  • 22:51:01: @Coelasquid Hmm, that's odd? Did they at least spam about the same thing? I sometimes get the same spam twice because of a bot error?
  • 23:00:51: @Coelasquid I think bots can target "replies" now, so even what you mention to friends count, but I assume the fist bot glitched?
  • 23:01:44: @Coelasquid It's also possible that all those spams were generated by the same bot, but it forgot to change users and targets?
  • 23:02:19: @zaphky Te puedo estropear el final si no te apetece jugar... XP
  • 23:09:45: @zaphky Pues si este es tu primero... no tiene nada que ver con la saga original... muchos ni lo consideran un SH... XP
  • 23:13:28: @zaphky Para ti no, si no has jugado a serie original no vas a notar los cambios! XD
  • 23:35:06: @poisonrational WOOHOO! Congrats! :3
  • 23:38:15: Kitchen Kaos has updated! 8D http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3507

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