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From Twitter 01-14-2011

  • 06:47:27: @devospice Nope, the name was middle eastern, but not the same, he left an image of some anime character dressed like a "gentleman thief"?
  • 06:49:27: @devospice What the thing you mentioned in the show that you used to test against SQL injections?
  • 07:03:37: Oh, so this zodiac thing is official? I heard about it years ago, but I didn't know it would catch on... I don't wanna be a Sagittarius! D:
  • 07:20:56: @Saknika Really? Everybody is acting like it applied to everybody?
  • 07:35:29: @kcgeep Arcade games and cartoonists! Best idea ever! RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! (Too bad I live in the wrong continent) :(
  • 08:00:12: People are disappointed that the Dreamcast collection that's coming out is only the games they had on XBLA? I thought that was obvious? :|
  • 11:13:54: FFFFFFFFU There is a Tail Concerto "spiritual sequel" and I didn't know about it? I hope they localize it! D:
  • 11:44:47: I still have the flu, my site was hacked yesterday and now.... I have an eye infection! YAYIFICATIONS! <3.... T_T
  • 12:17:12: @Saknika Sun sign? Moon sign? WHAA!?!
  • 12:46:16: I can connect to a public FTP server, but not mine.... they must have put some firewall after the hacking? :|
  • 15:51:58: *drools* http://bit.ly/hLmmuH
  • 15:56:20: @irishgirl982 We also have a moon sign and sun sign... whatever that means.... XP
  • 15:59:34: .@irishgirl982 We are all born under the same sign...... "MATERNITY WARD" ;3
  • 18:01:47: @toblix I deleted the stored connection and it's working now... I don't know why though...
  • 18:03:16: I lost a month of updates in the hacking... Guess what I'll be doing for the next hour or so? Oh well, I got a DVD and some Twizzlers...XD
  • 18:20:27: This makes no sense.... I see files missing my ftp folder... yet I see them at my site? What the...!?
  • 18:36:20: @ysbreker The servers restored it... This is my site a month ago technically and the password was the first thing I changed!
  • 18:46:24: @ysbreker That's the second thing... well wordpress... I haven't updated comicpress
  • 18:46:41: Damn, the custom smilies I made for my site are gone! D:
  • 18:52:33: Damn, I chose the "never overwrite" option and now I can't figure out how to undo it! D:
  • 19:02:32: @tigresaa They are going to localize that game? AWESOME! XD
  • 19:15:46: @tigresaa Isn't a PS3 game? It sound be region free, so worse case scenario I can import?
  • 19:16:36: And... I just realized the "first / last" buttons are missing? How did that get lost in the backup? :|
  • 19:20:19: @tigresaa It's easy to forget the PS3 is region free, Sony has been good enough to us to not NEED to import anything! ;3
  • 19:24:58: @RamuneIgasu I don't mind re-uploading the comics too much, I just have to copy and paste from LJ... XP
  • 19:27:22: @nek0 Hmm, probably?
  • 19:40:02: Once I get the "First" and "Last" buttons I should be done?
  • 19:47:23: I think I've found where to add the code for the first and last buttons, but I don't remember the code... :|
  • 20:17:54: @lastres0rt Don't you have to make only one new one?
  • 20:19:03: How is it possible that Google can't find how to add a "Last" and "First" buttons to Wordpress?
  • 20:22:19: Damn! I upgraded comicpress and everything is ruined! D:
  • 20:26:31: @mackmm I found it while upgrading Comicpress, but now I can't see my comic! XD
  • 20:31:40: Dammit, I have to go to work... I'll have to leave the site blank until I return..... :|
  • 21:31:47: @mackmm Can't I use anything from the backup?
  • 21:46:07: @Frumph Do you know how I can recover the look of my site before the upgrade with the backup I have? ^_^;
  • 21:51:09: @Frumph I don't seem to have style.css? :(
  • 21:54:06: @Frumph I have several css files in the backup, and I know I managed it before, but I don't have a filed named style.css?
  • 21:58:20: @Frumph Colors-classic, dashboard, farbastic, global, ie, install, login, media, plugin-install, press-this, theme editor, upload, widgets
  • 22:00:30: @Frumph So I have to start from scratch then? :|
  • 22:12:46: @Frumph Well, I'll try to figure it out the design by myself I guess, I can't see my comics though I see the texts that went with them?
  • 22:17:03: @Frumph I created the comic and blog categories, and the comics are in the same file are before?
  • 22:28:36: @Frumph I notice there is no "comic" folder in the debug section, but I don't see a button to edit it?
  • 22:30:18: @Frumph They exist in the site if that's what you mean?
  • 23:56:38: One day I want to copy someone's Tweet word for word and see if they notice.

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