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Game journal Jan 22b : X-Files: The Desserter

This is a mobile game, therefore short, and therefore the mini review will be really short, REALLY SHORT!

Obviously you play as Mulder and Scully, but only with one at a time, Fox does the dirty work, while Scully analizes the evidence to give Mulder new leads...

You have to solve a murder case, I can't talk must about the game itself without spoiling the plot...

The game plays like all House of Tales mobile games, you have a "look" icon, a "use" icon, a "pick up" icon, "talk", "move" and "inventory" as well...

Like most of mobile adventures, it's short and simple, the puzzles aren't that hard, and the plot is slighty far fetched, even for X-files...

It's an average adventure game, but most adventure games are just average anyway...

See, I told you it would be a short review! :P

Maybe too short...
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