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From Twitter 01-13-2011

  • 11:00:52: @starlinex Happy B-day, Starline! <3
  • 11:04:52: I thought Atheists were hardcore skeptics, it's ... disappointing that they're allowed to be superstitious and believe in ghosts and Karma?
  • 11:08:01: To me a superstitious Atheist is just an Agnostic? I don't know if I'm making any sense....
  • 11:09:43: @irishgirl982 I'm not even agnostic, but I also find annoying that you can call yourself athiest and believe in Karma, it's "religion light"
  • 11:13:51: @irishgirl982 I'm curious, do you have any superstitions? I guess saying you can't even have lucky socks is going too far.... XP
  • 11:16:15: @indigo__ That's so strange, Karma is "religion light" to me, an unexplained force that punishes the wicked and rewards the good...
  • 11:30:46: @WesleyC Isn't superstition believing in unexplained forces? That's pretty close to religion to me, Karma is practically "religion light"!
  • 11:32:30: @indigo__ True, people use the word too lightly... Maybe it's just "fancy luck" to them?
  • 11:39:12: @indigo__ I don't what to call myself.... I believe in something more complex than Karma, but that's about it....
  • 11:41:19: @WesleyC I find it so strange that you can believe one unexplained force and yet believe other unexplained forces aren't possible...
  • 11:42:52: @WesleyC You can believe in your lucky socks, but since the "force" behind the luck doesn't have a name it's O.K.?
  • 11:46:04: @WesleyC True, some atheist are just as bad as religious zealots...
  • 11:48:25: @WesleyC So, superstition stems from patterns we can't explain but work?
  • 11:49:51: @WesleyC But giving a name to the force behind the unexplained pattern makes it a religion or myth?
  • 12:00:03: @WesleyC So... believing in a sock goblin isn't religion until I say it's well, had god-like powers over all socks? A.K.A. higher power?
  • 12:09:31: @WesleyC But the Sock Goblin is so great! He makes your team win and your feet warm! JOIN US! JOOOOOOOIN USSSS! ;P
  • 12:21:05: Well, that was interesting and fruitful discussion, thanks everyone! <3
  • 12:27:20: My only question now is... what happens when you believe in something and you don't or care if it's a higher power?
  • 12:28:30: Can that question even be answered? What IF you believe in something that is a higher power, but you don't know it?
  • 12:30:25: I guess that's too philosophical or zen to be answered... :|
  • 12:50:58: Yikes! I just found out the reason I can't access my site as an admin, it's a virus! I wouldn't go there until it's fixed! D:
  • 15:19:45: @Yamino *dies of cute overload*
  • 17:45:51: I've been hacked! YAY?!
  • 17:48:54: I can't remember the last time I backup my site.... :(
  • 17:53:56: I don't think this was a deliberate attack, it seems to be some middle eastern kid hacking sites to leave his mark....
  • 17:57:25: @devospice We know have something in common, we were both hacked by some random middle eastern brat!
  • 19:25:01: @MykalWane Yes, but it still sucks....
  • 19:51:19: My site is back up.... But I think I lost a whole month?
  • 20:01:55: I don't think I'll upload anything to the site until I've done a virus scan... :|
  • 21:14:44: What does it mean when I always get a time out when connecting to my site via ftp? :|
  • 21:34:31: @toblix I'm not sure? It connects to the server, "waits for the welcome message" and times out. I can connect via ftp with a browser though
  • 21:42:18: @toblix I use Filezilla, passive mode did nothing.
  • 22:13:21: @toblix Yes, but I only see this setting for "Transfer Settings"?
  • 22:26:53: I just realized the day I talk about superstition and Karma is the day I get hacked... it's the 13th! Someone is trying to prove a point! XD
  • 22:45:24: @toblix Stored? It's the site in my profile?
  • 22:52:02: @toblix It is stored in the site manager window. Did I mention I can access it fine with a web browsers ftp?
  • 23:03:08: @toblix The settings are the same I've always used, and changing them doesn't do a thing...
  • 23:54:14: My site is working, but I can't access it properly yet, so here's the comic on DA again! XP http://bit.ly/hzP1Th

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