Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 00:49:45: Is WordPress down? I can't log in to my site.... :(
  • 00:53:56: It looks like I can't upload the comic to my site.. I guess I'll upload it to DA an LJ instead? :|
  • 01:07:09: Damn, I can't log in to my site and the reset password isn't sending me anything.... What is going on? D:
  • 01:18:54: Since I couldn't upload my comic to my site I uploaded it to DA... XP http://bit.ly/gE9bsS
  • 07:17:44: I'm so not use to coughing.... This might be the first time I've got it while ill in ages or at all? I also coughed and hiccuped last night!
  • 10:53:59: I can't access my site as an admin, but I can comment on it... of course, the admin would have to approve the comment.... :(
  • 12:32:09: @littlefroggies Did you just watch the Nostalgia Critic review of it? :3
  • 15:51:32: POMME IS PUMPED! But he will just pose heroically instead... :3
  • 16:09:30: Some late but awesome Birthday presents! http://yfrog.com/gyg4seej <3
  • 16:33:23: @MykalWane I really like the present? Also, I've gotten way too many people thinking McPedro is my "online persona"
  • 18:30:57: @Lizzlizz Is the girl burger called Patty? XD
  • 18:52:20: Truer words have never been spoken... RT @JimSterling: We, The Spoiled Gamers: http://bit.ly/h9Wdn6
  • 19:19:38: These cupcakes have glitter? I guess my tummy is going to have a rave party tonight! XD
  • 20:36:00: @SarahKSilverman Imagine how traumatized the poor bus driver must be...
  • 21:59:50: @MolotovCupcake Apart for Amnesia, the only good horror game that I know of from last year is Deadly Premonition?
  • 22:00:58: I have The Groovie Goolies on DVD! HUZZAH! Monstrous monster puns here I come! <3
  • 22:04:36: I'm enjoying this puns way too much... I'm such a paronomasiac... XD
  • 23:20:15: It looks I can't upload my comic to my site today too...
  • 23:20:37: I guess it's time to use DA and LJ again? XP
  • 23:26:18: I can't access my site so I uploaded today's comic to DA instead! XD http://bit.ly/h5nHDt

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