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From Twitter 01-08-2011

  • 00:01:45: @toblix I got mine on Ebay, but I supposed it won't be that easy now? :(
  • 00:11:10: @toblix You'll find one if you use the "alarm" option that tells you when something that matches your search pops up.
  • 00:13:13: @toblix I haven't used it ages, but it has to still be there, right?
  • 00:25:04: @MykalWane You mean a pun a day from Dec. 1-24? Hmm, interesting!
  • 00:25:59: My back, body and nostrils are on FIRE! T_T
  • 00:38:05: There is a P.C. version of Huckleberry Finn? Seriously? *bangs head on desk* T_T
  • 00:41:41: @Cyclophile I know! I'm perfectly fine to use these words in this context! That's what upsetting me! D:
  • 00:44:30: I feel sick.... I'm going to bed...
  • 07:01:50: I just had a fever induced dream about @Yamino , she created an indie game that was very deep about religions, God, the Devil and Atheism...
  • 07:02:38: Of course, since it was a fever dream it was a nightmare and my very soul was at stake...
  • 07:03:45: By the way, I was supposed to have my B-day today, but every bone in my body aches, my throat is killing me and I have a fever...
  • 07:04:09: I should rest, but how do I do that when every bone in my body aches? :(
  • 13:39:26: I no longer have fever, but I still feel pretty sick... XP
  • 21:16:31: @Cyclophile What happened?
  • 21:41:51: I'm still trying to figure out what's going on in America. A woman is shot, Sarah Palin put her on some sort of list as an enemy? Controvesy
  • 21:52:13: @SisterLilBunny News says she's still alive?
  • 21:59:48: @Yamino NUUUUUUU! GIMME MAH SOUL BACK! T_T
  • 22:00:36: @SisterLilBunny Yeah, I highly doubt that she was shot by someone who wasn't aware of that list.... :(
  • 22:24:37: @RamuneIgasu If you're talking about the shooting, nobody seems to be sure yet, I keep hearing new stuff every few minutes... XP
  • 22:28:33: @RamuneIgasu Also Sarah Palin's site is down, the one possibly responsible for this...
  • 22:34:50: @RamuneIgasu The likeliness of this being a coincidence is very slim... :|
  • 22:38:51: @SisterLilBunny Yikes, don't tell me some people are actually happy about this? D:
  • 22:41:21: @SisterLilBunny Wow, that's still pretty awful! D:
  • 22:46:06: @SisterLilBunny People don't suck, it's just that the sucky ones are the ones you remember.... :(
  • 22:50:33: @RamuneIgasu By the way, I'm listening to the podcast you mentioned a few hours ago... I'm liking it so far! :3
  • 23:04:12: @SisterLilBunny A kid? What happened now? D:
  • 23:07:12: @SisterLilBunny So the bastard tried to kill everybody there or what? D:
  • 23:13:23: @SisterLilBunny I think I'm going to wait a little on this, everybody is saying different things and it's getting confusing... :(
  • 23:19:00: Kitchen Kaos has updated! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3477

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