Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-07-2011

  • 07:42:24: Angry Birds: The Board Game? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! http://bit.ly/eswzzh
  • 07:55:22: "Jumping the shark" means something is going downhill, but I see many using it as "selling out" for some reason? :|
  • 11:20:08: Unless people can prove this child prodigy is a fake, 90% of artists everywhere are going to quit... http://youtu.be/PrdRrAjpcDM XP
  • 11:32:10: @MykalWane So it's pandering and running out of ideas?
  • 13:15:17: Is Cursed Mountain worth 10€ on the Wii? I saw it at the newsstand of all places! XP
  • 15:36:47: @JimSterling Do these people also get offended when they see "gay" in older books too?
  • 15:42:07: I don't think I'd ever leave my McPedro avatar, but I always feel bad when people draw me as McPedro... I have appeared in my comic, dammit!
  • 15:48:35: It's a nice thought and everything, but it feels weird... Do these people not know who McPedro is think it's my online persona?
  • 18:39:54: Great, my birthday party is tomorrow and I feel like I have a cold or the flu.... T_T
  • 23:37:06: Santa Beats Up Some Aliens (But Not Really) has ended! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3475
  • 23:58:13: @EverTomorrow M&M World? Are you in New York or are there more than one?
  • 23:58:57: AUGH! I'm feeling sicker by the moment! NUUUU! My b-day party is tomorrow! T_T

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