Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-05-2011

  • 00:06:16: James Van Der Memes! http://www.jamesvandermemes.com/
  • 07:39:47: Boing Boing claims you don't need soap or shampoo to be "clean"... I'm sorry, but this doesn't work when you smell like your workplace...
  • 10:20:41: @Emilleigh The shampoo part is kinda believable, but I'm certain the smells of where I work can only be removed with soap...
  • 10:41:20: I do believe the world would be a better place if everybody played adventure games.... Smarter at least... Or at least more sensible? XP
  • 16:53:50: @Emilleigh I'm a butcher's assistant.... I smell like zombie cows! XD
  • 16:56:03: @Yamino Did you enjoy Thought Bubble? I've been told it's the only non London con in the UK worth going to?
  • 17:05:40: @Yamino I think I might go there instead of London, but people say it's not very touristy... And as a Spaniard, a UK November sounds.. cold?
  • 17:09:02: @Yamino Oh well, my first UK con was in Birmingham in December... I'll survive... I hope! XD
  • 17:44:31: @goraina Seriously? How do they get voted? How did this even get nominated!? D:
  • 17:49:32: @Emilleigh I get bacon at cost price, so I can't complain! XD
  • 18:12:37: @Yamino Unfortunately the people who could affect the global climate won't care unless the dead animals fall on their heads... :(
  • 21:32:21: I wonder if Ubisoft is threatening us with Beyond Good & Evil HD? "Buy this game if you want a Beyond Good & Evil 2!"?
  • 22:19:33: Woohoo! I got all three endings for Eversion! YAY! <3
  • 22:44:33: @theDivaLea The only confusing part for me in Monkey Island 2 is the "hand code" thing, then again I DEVOUR adventure games religiously. XP
  • 22:47:22: Look at this Mine Craft/ Old Spice parody video, then back at me. http://youtu.be/WWRS-lDBWrQ
  • 23:14:40: @starlinex I hope you get it resolved! D:
  • 23:25:42: US Playstation Plus users get Spyro.... Euro Playstation Plus users get.... G-POLICE?! AW, COME ON! D:<

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