Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Decisions... decisions....

London Small Press Expo is the the new UK Thing and.... I'm not sure I'm going...

As much as I want to support it, apart from the people I've met every year I don't really care for any of the other attendees... Also, I was struggling last year to find touristy places in London... I have no idea of what to visit this year... I can't really "afford" a trip to the UK if I'm just going for a one day con, I need something touristy to make it worth while...

So... maybe I'll just to another UK con, that isn't in London? Any suggestions?

Another decision I need to make is... about Photoshop? It seems some companies require that pixel artists use Photoshop... Which seems ridiculous... Why use such an over-powered program for simple pixel art? 

My first question is... should I get it? I know it will improve my art once I get used to it... but it's ridiculously expensive...

It seems there is a Student Edition, which is actually affordable, but can I just buy this from someone on eBay? No strings attached? No trouble? 

The program I use has gotten a new version which lots of neat features... It finally has layers?

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