Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-04-2011

  • 07:38:11: I remember someone saying "Do people still say "Do pray tell" at all anymore?"... I did.... FOR PUNS' SAKE! XD
  • 11:06:04: Man, the "Werid game" reviewer is just reviewing every retro game ever.... Altered Beast? REALLY?! REALLY?!
  • 11:07:21: I know all games today are dull brown and grey burly men shooting other dull brown and grey men, but old games are normal for their time!
  • 11:09:34: @Yamino I hope you do one in the UK! ^_^;
  • 11:17:13: @Yamino So you're not doing any UK cons this year at all? I was hoping to meet new people.. I haven't decided which con I'll attend, if any.
  • 11:29:34: There is guy who does "psychedelic" music called the Paronomasiac..... But he doesn't do any word play or puns! D:<
  • 11:35:37: @Yamino I was going to ask my UK friends for suggestions myself! I can only afford one trip, so I have to make it count! XD
  • 20:16:27: @svhernandez I got your card! Thanks! The bison picture was awesome! <3
  • 21:36:52: @PushinUpRoses It his way of showing love? XP
  • 22:07:22: @nek0 Yo trabajo en una carniceria y son un manojo de nervios! XD
  • 23:45:34: So this is what Fantasy Football is like? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_qL3oVYFm8

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