Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 01-02-2011

  • 01:05:34: My brain is sloshing with webcomics..... If I read any more my brain will start to leak! XD
  • 10:19:11: I just realized the logo of Tyrian 2000 still reads Tyrian if turned upside down.... #MINDBLOWN #EKANSISSNAKEBACKWARDS
  • 11:32:13: @tackangel I'm afraid that app isn't accurate, all I ever did to you was answer a question you made about the Indie Advent Calendar? ^_^;
  • 11:36:18: @kawaiinot The comics are sloshing around and mixing up! I already have visions of ninja cacti kitten playing games in coffee shops! X3
  • 11:40:44: It's nearly 11AM and I still don't know if I'll get to celebrate my birthday today or not.... :|
  • 12:06:02: My birthday party has just been cancelled! YAY! T_T
  • 12:32:48: @Phelous Is it really 50$ in America? I got for 20 in Europe! Which is what they charge for the soundtrack alone... :|
  • 13:17:45: @Phelous The only time I've seen effort from Nintendo in any compilation, are the Game & Watch ones, they only put some effort in remakes.
  • 13:34:31: Why do so many people advertise their game as "OMG! This game will kick your ass!"? Good hard games don't do that, only BROKEN hard ones do!
  • 13:55:33: I'm trying to catch up on XNA games... Apart from the Indie Uprising ones, I didn't see much else that was worthy my money or time....
  • 13:57:53: There were a few "classic" shmups in there... they looked like a budget bin game from 1990... :|
  • 14:30:08: As bad as the XNA market is... it's heaven compared to the iTunes marketplace... The good to awful ratio is much higher on XNA!
  • 14:30:56: Not to mention that you don't have to upgrade your 360 to play the few good XNA games that exist! I'm looking at you Cave! ):<
  • 20:30:12: @svhernandez Gracias! Unfortunately, the mail is very late, I'm still waiting for things I ordered the first week of December! :(
  • 21:44:55: Steam, stop installing the sames files every time I launch a game for the first time! D:<

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