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From Twitter 01-01-2011

  • 00:46:03: Only 15 until 2011 in Spain! 8D
  • 00:54:11: Everybody was napping or watching the wrong channel... Good thing I remembered to check the clock! XD
  • 01:11:24: HAPPY 2011! There are so many fireworks the smoke from it makes it looks like there is fog! XD
  • 01:21:08: It looks like the cold / flu thing I got is still here with me in 2011... I wish it stayed back in 2010... :(
  • 11:28:38: Thank God for lists! If it weren't for the best indie game list of 2010 I would have forgotten about Octodad and Digital: A Love Story! XP
  • 11:46:56: Super strength Halls are the Chuck Norris of balsamic candies! WOWZER! 8O
  • 12:18:34: Whoa! If you drink a glass of water while you're still sucking on a Halls "Chuck Norris" strength if feels like you're drinking the Artic!
  • 13:00:44: Lylian is 25% off today! http://shop.lyliangame.com/
  • 15:12:12: First comic discovery of the year @springiette... it had me at the cute potato chip ninja! <3
  • 16:39:58: @MykalWane I wouldn't talk about it if I didn't like it! XP
  • 16:59:12: OM NOM NOM! More comics! Superhero Girl is adorably awesome! http://superherogirladventures.blogspot.com/
  • 17:25:05: Hmm, I kinda wish the artist of Hanna Is Not A Boy Name didn't abandon Under Lock & Key... :(
  • 17:33:25: I love Troutman's older work, but... I just can't get into a comic that's for hardcore literature fans.... :|
  • 17:39:24: Reading webcomics while I watch videos about old DOS games.... Ahhhh.. Good times! <3
  • 18:00:26: Is it me or does Halls "Chuck Norris" Strength literally kick the snot out of you? I stopped sniffling once I took one! 8O
  • 18:19:25: BEST HAT EVAR?! http://galaxioncomics.com/1-comic/book-1/chapter-3/chapter-3-p-64/
  • 18:20:52: @zaphky O soy yo o tenemos el cumple el mismo dia, el 3 de enero? XD
  • 18:38:56: @zaphky *high five* X3
  • 20:43:00: I sure hope this is true! http://www.timothywinchester.com/index.php?image_id=90
  • 22:20:25: Does anybody here read Dark Brain comics? Are they actually just half naked ladies hitting stuff? It sure looks like it... :|
  • 22:22:35: I think I've read every webcomic ever today... my "To Read" list is almost empty! :3
  • 22:26:41: Oh wait... I think Dark Brain is a payed thing... forget about it then... XP
  • 22:38:45: @MykalWane What? NO! I just cleared my backlog unread webcomics! D:
  • 22:41:24: The only comics I have left in my "to read" list is http://th.pensandtales.com/
  • 22:45:57: This Dr. Who games isn't very good, so watch this Longplay to save yourself some time! http://youtu.be/oOspYeigT8k XD

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