Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-30-2010

  • 00:00:51: @RamuneIgasu So you're saying you just have to prove you're a student when buying it? So... I could get one from a student on Ebay?
  • 00:08:31: @RamuneIgasu Dammit! I saw one on Ebay the other day and didn't buy it I thought the software would demand some sort of verification! XP
  • 00:58:26: @Emilleigh What?! That's awful! D:
  • 01:01:21: Santa Beats Up Some Aliens continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3461
  • 07:00:50: @surlyqueen I have no idea, I was looking for comic RSS feeds and I simply replaced the URL of a site with yours and it worked! XD
  • 07:01:26: @surlyqueen I think this was created to make your own RSS feeds, but it doesn't work with every site... :|
  • 07:41:46: @Kirbopher Nobody asks for NiN10Doh Famicom Disk System or NiN10Doh Virtual Boy?
  • 10:23:38: I always find it extremely bizarre when I see an NEW game with a single word title... I always assume they got used up by now! XD
  • 10:32:01: @dcorsetto I remember those puppets! I love the tiny bottle of booze! <3
  • 10:41:34: Guess what I'm getting for my birthday..... ILLNESS! I already have that sick taste in my mouth... I doubt I'll recover in time! T_T
  • 11:14:56: It looks like everybody in my family is ill... damn, I guess my birthday is canceled then? There is still time, but... ):
  • 12:00:02: @MykalWane HA! I wish! XP
  • 12:39:15: AH-NOLD, you are so punny! http://youtu.be/8UZ99c1ZKWQ
  • 13:09:04: I'd hate say it, but.... I don't like any of the new guys they got for Blistered Thumbs...The Zeitgeist guy seems... boring and predictable?
  • 13:10:01: And the weird game reviewers must be some "whippersnapper" because he finds any game from the 80's weird....
  • 17:39:56: Archon is a chess game with a story mode... and I'm actually having fun! It just proves that adding wizards to anything makes them better!
  • 17:49:11: @StillGaming I've been lucky, the few games I regretted selling are in place like GOG or PSN, digital only, but MUCH cheaper! XD
  • 21:32:08: @peprally We can't buy any of those other things listed.... ;P
  • 21:46:11: @rstevens From the looks of that bottle, I can assume happiness has been out of stock for a while, which explains a lot! :(
  • 22:47:55: Every wanted to play a game as an alien worm critter who has to eat helpless campers? The Visitor is your game! http://bit.ly/dZlcfO XP

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