Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Top 10 reasons I won't make a 2010 list

1) I’m too indecisive!

2) People never get lists are personal and will only agree if we have the same list.

3) It’s actually hard work!

4) It’s the end of a decade too, so it should really be a 00-10 list, which is even more work!

5) I can’t remember what I did yesterday, you expect me to a list about a whole YEAR or DECADE?

6) People don’t care about lists unless it’s a video with high production values…

7) Ate Nine!

8) I’m already out of ideas…

9) See! I told you it was hard work!

10) Wait a minute… did I just…? DAMN YOU, JO-REL!

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