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From Twitter 12-29-2010

  • 00:27:49: Santa's story continues! :3 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3459
  • 06:50:11: @craziesun Do any of these have the layer function? The program I use is so primitive it's more or less Deluxe Paint, which all I can afford
  • 07:04:36: @jochan1977 Sex portrayed as a violent act? That sounds illogical... And overly puritan?
  • 07:05:13: @SamanthaKyle Phew, you had me worried for a moment! D:
  • 07:55:19: While many people claim to hate puns, but I've yet to be yelled at for punning at them! On the contrary, most people like them! :3
  • 11:17:50: @littlefroggies Ok, but how about dropping anvils or pies to the face? They're toons after all? (PS: I love the Dead Winter guest strip!)
  • 11:28:21: If will never be able to eat asparagus... they look like a Chtulhu V.D.! :(
  • 11:36:06: @theDivaLea Kawaii Hawaii! <3
  • 11:48:11: I can't get over the fact we have a brand in Spain that literally translates into "F'n Awesome"! XD
  • 13:38:01: As I deleted comics from the Webcomic list and transfer them to RSS, I see many comics that are.. gone forever... How sad... :(
  • 13:38:33: I remember liking Always Tomorrow, but the site is gone forever... :(
  • 13:58:17: It looks like I'll have to create a list of Twitter comic artists that don't have RSS feeds... :|
  • 14:05:40: Wow, apparently if you just go and type "http://page2rss.com/page?url=" and add the page you want an RSS of you get it! 8D
  • 14:11:58: @surlyqueen I added your comics to an RSS feed thingie! http://bit.ly/eLg9bg http://bit.ly/gkKyQP
  • 14:31:56: You don't need an RSS feed, but nowadays I think you really should announce your comic's updates if you don't...
  • 14:34:52: Just to prove how obsolete "The Webcomic List" is... when I delete a comic it keeps suggesting comics that have been dead for years... :|
  • 14:45:33: What ever happened to Ali Graham the author of Afterstrife and Housd? :|
  • 16:28:36: @craziesun I don't know, I use ProMotion.... I heard GIMP isn't very good though. Anyway, thanks for the info, I'll look up the others! <3
  • 16:48:55: @JimSterling It was still on sale in my country... I just bought it! But it is a rather stupid sale...
  • 17:31:03: I remembered the reason I was asking about Photoshop was because some companies will only hire you if have experience with it... :|
  • 17:36:19: @jochan1977 But how can I get one without being a student? :|
  • 17:57:05: Where are these amazing XBLA daily deals I keep hearing about? I can only find weekly deals! D:
  • 18:15:17: @rstevens I didn't know anybody remembered Amêlie! I'd watch that movie! XD
  • 18:27:56: @MykalWane I didn't see it there.... maybe it's a US thing only? :|
  • 18:34:43: @yaytime Apps, not games? Apart from Google and Tweetdeck I only have Sidplayer Pro to listen to chiptunes... :|
  • 18:40:50: @MykalWane Yep, I'm pretty sure I did, the spotlight is the first thing I see when I turn on my 360.
  • 18:45:38: @yaytime If you want game suggestions... Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, The Giana Sisters, Treasure Grab and Game Dev Story.
  • 18:59:49: @jlist It's also good if you're a pink hedgehog in love with a blue one! ;P
  • 22:05:53: RT @yugiohtas: Everyone check out @Kirbopher's new awesome flash animation, http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/557775
  • 22:44:19: @yugiohtas It's stil KROZEmas in my heart! :3
  • 23:25:16: My sweet tooth kinda wants this... as crazy as it sounds! http://youtu.be/BaKcl0Qg13o
  • 23:50:07: @RamuneIgasu I don't even know where the local art school is.... Or anybody studying art... :(

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